How to Build a Bay Window Desk

What You'll Need
Electric screwdriver
Wood screws
Drill bits
Measuring tape

A bay window is a beautiful area in the home that can serve more than one purpose. You can have extra seating in the bay window area or a breakfast nook so why not make a bay window desk? Many people find looking out a bay window to be a peaceful way to spend a day. Those who create a home office area from a bay window will feel more at peace and calm while working. The best of a bay window desk is that it is easy to build be inexpensive. The article that follows will show you how to build a bay window desk.

Step 1 - Measure the Bay Window and Cut the Wood

The size of a bay window can vary greatly so you could wind up with a very large desk or something much more manageable. Use the tape measure and determine how large each section of the bay window is. Measure the height from the floor to where the window starts. Decide how tall you want the bay window desk to be as well as how wide then measure the length of the bay window from the depth you chose. Cut the 2x4 into the proper sizes for the sides of the bay window. Cut the plywood to the length of the bay window and to the depth that you want the bay window desk to be. Trim the edges of this piece so that it fits snugly in the bay window.

Step 2 - Install the Braces

The main shelf has to be as sturdy as possible. To make sure this is the case you will install two pieces per each side of the trimmed 2x4. Drill two pilot holes through the center of each piece and in the wall at the studs. Attach the pieces to the wall at the studs with the wood screws. Repeat with each piece you cut to both sides of the bay window. If the bay window is very wide you will have to add two center braces. Cut a 2x4 to the width of the bay window from wall to wall in the front as well as the back. Trim the sides to match the angles of the wall. Nail or screw in place on top of the wall braces.

Step 3 - Shelf and Cabinets

Take the large piece of plywood you cut and trimmed and set it on top of the braces you installed on the walls. Center it along the braces and nail in place. If you needed to add center support braces then nail the shelf to it in the center of the shelf. The cabinets are easy to install because they are already built. They will offer added support to the shelf. Slide the shelf unit in place under the top shelf. Position them where you would like them to be. A little off from the sides prevents you from having to fill gaps. Nail the top shelf to the cabinets.