How to Build a Bay Window Seat

A bay window seat.

A bay window seat can be a great addition to your home since it offers a small relaxation area. However, instead of buying a window seat, you can build one which will cover all your needs. Here are some steps to follow and the tools needed in order to create your own bay window seat.

Step 1 - Think and Design

The great thing about a bay window seat is that you are not only adding a lot of seating space but you can also create a lot of storage space if you make the top of the seat a hinged lid. Consider what the finished look of the seat will be and whether you want to match the room or compliment it with the seat. You can use the same type of wood as your bay window to create the seat.

Step 2 - Frame Up the Seat

Use the measuring tape to mark up the height of the window seat. It should be around 21 inches high which is low enough to be comfortable and deep enough for plenty of storage. Use the 2x4s to create the frame of the seat and nail the frame pieces together using the nail gun.

Step 3 - Place the Frame

Place the seat front frame in place (it should look like a small wall) and use a power-actuated tool to secure the frame to the concrete floor. Then attach the back of the frame to the window wall and join the two frames together using the nail gun. The frame should look like a wooden box under the window.

Step 4 - Create the Seat Top

Once the framing is complete, use a band saw to cut the plywood for the front and the top of the seat. Here you will require some help to handle the plywood sheet in order to cut the wood accurately. This is a two-person job. Create also another frame, this time using plywood, for the face of the seat which will give support to the seat plywood top. Use the staple gun to attach the frame pieces together to create a kind of grid for underneath the top of the seat.

Assemble the Front and Top

Now you can nail the front and the top of the seat in place using the nail gun. Then use the sander to give the seat a nice and smooth look. You can also give two coats of wood stain to give some color to the wood. Then attach the top of the seat by fastening a couple of hinges with the back of the top frame to create a lid.

At this point it is up to you to use some imagination to decorate your bay window seat. Make sure that in the end the seat will look like one with your bay window in order to create a perfect sitting space where you can relax and have plentiful storage space.