How to Build a Bench Seat

  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-125
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Work gloves
2x6-inch lumber
Electric drill/driver
Builder screws

Building a bench seat is a straightforward job. You just need to know how to use a saw. This is a simple project you can do during the weekend. Follow the simple steps below to build a sturdy and functional bench seat.

Step 1 – Safety Precautions

Before you set out on building a bench seat, make sure you have taken all necessary precautions. Wear work gloves, and protect your eyes from dust by wearing goggles.

Step 2 – Buying the Supplies

Go to a home store and buy the necessary supplies. Buy 2x6-inch lumbers. Make sure that the lumber for the framing does not have any knots. You will require 40 linear feet for the bench seat.

Step 3 – Cutting

Cut 3 pieces from the 2x6-inch lumber, each at 6 feet long. These will be used for the seating slab.

Step 4 – Sanding

After cutting the 6 foot slabs, you need to use a sander to even out the edges. An orbital sander will work best for this step. Make sure to sand the edges properly.

Step 5 – Cutting the Cleats

Cleats are what hold the seating slab in place. They go under the slab and will be the same measure as the width of the slab. A bench seat with 20 inches offers comfortable seating. Cut 3 pieces of the 2x6-inch lumber of 20-inch cleats.

Step 6 – Placing the Cleats

Place the slab onto the sawhorses, and place one of the cleats in the middle. The other two cleats will go on the left and the right side. Leave 7 inches from the edge, and position the cleats on both sides.

    Step 7 – Attaching the Cleats

    Use an electric drill/driver to screw the cleats in place. Use builder screws with a length of 2½ inches, 3 of them on every cleat. Make sure that the screw penetrates until the screw head is in level with the surface.

    Step 8 – Cutting the Legs

    Mark 18 inches onto the lumber. You need to cut out the legs for the bench seat at this point. Use a saw to chop off the legs from the lumber. Make sure you have 4 legs in total.

    Step 9 – Attaching the Legs

    Use the exact same type of screw that you used in Step 7, in order to attach the legs to the seating slab. Use the electric drill/driver to introduce at least 6 to 10 screws on each leg. Make sure that the screws are holding the leg sturdy.

    Step 10 – Cutting the Braces

    Braces will help hold the legs in place. Mark out an angle of 45 degrees, and cut out 4 braces from the lumber.

    Step 11 – Attaching the Braces

    Each brace will be attached to the legs. Mark the end of the base and introduce one screw with the help of an electric drill/driver.

    Step 12 – Final Step

    The bench is now ready. Sand the surface, and apply a paint of your choice.