How to Build a Birdhouse with Dried Gourds

What You'll Need
wool pad
paper towels
paints, drill
carving knife
sealant for surface

A birdhouse is a simple craft project which helps add charm and whimsy to your backyard. With a simple gourd and a few tools, you can create a gourd birdhouse in just a few hours.

Here are some of the items you will need for a basic gourd birdhouse:

Step 1 - Prepare the Gourd

If you have gourds that are not dried yet, simply clean them out and let them dry on their own. Or you can set the gourds to the side to allow them to dry naturally. Note that it can take a long time for gourds to dry on their own, so purchasing already dry gourds will save you time.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Gourd

Take out the steel wool pad and rub it all over the gourd to make sure it is clean and smooth. With a wet towel or paper towel, wipe off the dust you scrub off and then wash the gourd with soap and water. Allow the gourd to completely dry.

Step 3 - Seal in the Natural Beauty

Ideally, you should seal the gourd with shellac or some other clear sealant. This will preserve the color of the gourd, while also helping to protect the gourd from the outside elements. Take the spray and apply it to all of the surfaces of the gourd, using a brush on the inside if you like. This is also a good time to use other colorful paints once the shellac has dried to add a decorative look.

Step 4 - Create the Birdhouse

Taking the drill, begin to drill a small hole where you want the opening to be. This will be a slow process to create the size of hole you like on the birdhouse. Keep in mind the sizes of local birds when completing this step. You want local birds to be able to fit inside the hole. Use larger drill bits to create larger holes.

Step 5 - Prepare to Hang

With a smaller drill bit, drill a small hole in the top of the gourd through which to string the wire in order to hang the birdhouse outside. Or you can use rope or another strong, yet decorative string.

Decorating the Birdhouse

If you want to get creative, you can make different birdhouses for different seasons and holidays. However, know that once a bird has set up their home in these houses, they might not want to be moved. Thus, you might want to add decorations on the outside of the birdhouse instead of replacing it completely. Add some felted pieces or paint the outside with new designs.

Dried gourds from Halloween do not need to go into the trash. You can easily make a gourd birdhouse to place outside your window or to give to others as gifts during the holiday season. The sound of happy birds by the window is always a lovely reminder of nature.