How to Build a Carport with a Gable Roof

What You'll Need
Cylindrical Concrete Forms
4x4 Lumber
4x4 Post Base
2x10 Lumber
2x4 Lumber
1/2-inch, 10 inch bolts with nuts and washers
Galvanized 16d Nails
5/8 inch Plywood Sheathing
Drip Edge
Roof Trusses
Roofing Felt
Roof Shingles
Roof Tacks

A carport is a great way to protect your car from the harsh elements of nature. You can build your own carport with a gable roof by following this guide. Though it is not a very easy task, with the right set of tools, materials and some patience you will be able to build your very own carport. Get a few of your friends to help you on the job as you will require them to help you get the carport up. 

Step 1 – Location

Mark the area where you want your carport to be. Mark the 4 corners where the support post will stand. Your support posts should be approximately 10 feet away from the other, except at the entrance to the carport.

Step 2 – Holes

Now dig holes for the posts. These should be about 18 inches deep.

Step 3 – Mix Concrete

Follow the instruction on the packaging and mix the concrete. You need to stick to the instructions to obtain optimal results.

Step 4 – Placing the Cylindrical Forms

Place the cylindrical forms in the holes and fill them with concrete. Make sure they are perfectly upright, align the posts with the base connectors and let it set. It will normally take a couple of hours for the concrete to set, so it is best to leave it overnight and start again the next day.

Step 5 – 4/4 Posts

Place the 4/4 posts in the base connectors and plumb the posts. Now attach them to the connectors and use the 2x4 lumber to brace the posts.

Step 6 – The Beams

Use the 2x10 lumber to link the tops of the beams. Measure the length you need for the sides of the carport and cut it. Mark the places on the post and beams for the 1/2-inch bolts. You will need these to attach the beams to the posts.

Step 7 – Raise the Beams

Get your friends together and raise the beams up on the posts and fasten them with the 1/2-inch bolts.

Step 8 – Measurement for Roof Trusses

Measure the beam and make a mark on the top of the beam every 24 inches, this is for the roof trusses.

Step 9 – Fixing the Trusses

Place the roof truss on the beam. Make sure it is flush with the edges. Now use the galvanized nails and nail it to the beam.

Step 10 – Other Trusses

Follow the same procedure (step 8 and 9) to fix the other trusses to the beam.

Step 11 – Bracing the Trusses

Use the 2x4 lumber to temporarily brace the trusses to the beam. Use nails to hold it in place.

Step 12 – Sheath the Roof

Cover the carport roof with the 5/8 plywood sheathing. You need to use the nails to nail the sheathing down to the trusses. Now cover the decking with the roofing felt and fasten it with the roofing tacks. Once you have finished that, place the shingles and fix the drip edge. That’s it. You are done.