How to Build a Cat Condo

What You'll Need
Staple gun
Wood clamps
Measuring tape
200-500 ft Sisal rope
Wood glue
Carpet remnants
Flat washers to fit bolts
Lag Bolts
Wood Screws
Heavy wire brad staples
2 x 4 plywood
4 x 4 Wood Posts

A lot of pet owners have taken in cats as pets in their homes and have built a cat condo for them. A cat condo is a perfect place for you cat to climb, scratch and hide. The cat condos sold at your local pet shop could be quite expensive. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to build a cat condo.

Step 1- Assembly of Materials

Determine the size of the cat condo intended for the pet to asses the materials and supplies needed. It would be sized from 2 ft to 6 ft tall.

Step 2- Plywood Assembly

Start with working on 2 pieces of plywood that should be glued together. Clamp the two pieces of plywood after and let dry for a while then drill in two holes in the center area of around 4-5 inches deep. Repeat this procedure on the other end. Countersink the holes made using a 1 inch bit so that the bolts are indented to avoid scratching the floor. A carpet remnant should then be used to wrap the edges attached using staples at the bottom.

Step 3- Post Assembly

Using a 4 x 4 wood post or trunk, one at 4 ft and one at 2 ft, attach these two together at the base with the use of two bolts.

Step 4- Shelves and Ramp Assembly

Make the shelves and ramp using a plywood size of 1-1ft and 1-11/4 sq ft. The base should be covered with carpet remnants. The larger plywood should be attached to the lower post using woodscrews. At a slight angle, screw the woodscrews into the top post from the plywood top. Do the same procedure onto the other short post side. The screws should be tightened and counter-sunked once until it settles. The smaller piece should then be placed center onto the top post from the screwing. Attach the 2 x 4 wood with woodscrews, countersink it as well. Wrap it again in carpet remnants, if preferred, or use rope to wrap it around.

Step 5- Roping

About 300-400 yards of rope may be needed but using the Sisal rope will be less costly. The amount of rope to be consumed depends on how tight the coil will be. A tighter coil will be better. From the base, tack the rope up. Wind up the rope tight. For every 8-10 wraps, tamp it downwards using a hammer. Keep doing the winding until the top is reached and finally tack it again. Repeat the procedure on the other piece.

Step 6- Modifications on the Ramps

Modifications on the cat condo may be made, depending on how tall the pet has grown. Remember that the attachments of the shelves to the taller posts as well as the shorter ones work comfortably in various directions. Use creativity on how the ramps are assembled.