How to Build a Cat Scratching Post

What You'll Need
4 diameter post
A box of half inch U-shaped brads
100 ft Sisal rope
16 sq pc of plywood
Two woodscrews

Having a cat scratching post is convenient for both the pet owner and the cat. A cat scratching post acts as your cat’s territory marker as well as its stretching and scratching post. It also prevents your cat from scratching any other furniture in your house. Making your own cat scratching post is an easy and fun activity that you can share with your family. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to build a cat scratching post.

Step 1-Cutting the Post

The 4” diameter post or log should be cut into a 36” length using a handsaw, after which the ends should be smoothed out using a sandpaper.

Step2-Connect the Sisal Rope

Using a Sisal rope, a half-inch brad should be inserted in one of its ends then have it connected to the post as close as possible to the top edge.

Step3-Rope Wrapping

With the sisal rope, wrap it tightly around the post with all gaps covered. A brad should then be inserted on every 4 to 5 rows to prevent the rope from slipping off.

Step 4-Securing the Ropes

Continue with the rope-wrapping around the post and insert several brads at the top and bottom rows to put the ropes securely in place. The brads should be pounded with a hammer to ensure its tightness so that it can not be pulled out when cats scratch the post.

Step5-Marking the Plywood

With a marker, draw a diagonal line from one end of the plywood to the other end. Do this step on the other two corners to make an intersection line marking at the center of the board.

Step 6-Screwing the Wood

With the markings made as guide, drill two screw holes in the plywood. The measurement of the hole should be about 3 quarters from the middle of the board which should match how big the screws that are to be inserted.

Step 7-Final Step

Place the board onto the post using the plywood holes as guide. Make two holes in the post and put in the woodscrews so that the post gets attached to the base of the plywood. Turn over the wood and your work is done.

To make the cat scratching post attractive to your pet place some toys that your cat can play with. Be creative on how the cat scratching post is done. One helpful tip for cat owners is to train the cat to fully utilized the cat scratching pad. Use also an old wood instead of the new wood because the latter have a lot of splinters which could hurt the cat. The kind of wood that is to be used should be the kind that is not treated so that the chemicals used in its treatment would not be hazardous to your cat.