How to Build a Chess Board into Your Patio

What You'll Need
Patio large enough for your chess set
32 black tiles
32 white tiles
large chess set pieces (Styrofoam are cheapest but risk blowing away)
Measuring tape
When it comes to DIY projects, there are few that are more interesting than creating your own mega patio chess set. A mega chess set is a chess set that is built over land rather than over a board. There are mats and various large chess boards that you can purchase but in this article we're going to cover how to build your very own mega chess set on your patio.

Step 1 Measure your patio

The first thing that you want to do is measure your patio. This is how you're going to know what kind of tile you want to buy for your mega chess set. Both the size of your tile and the size of your chess pieces are going to depend entirely on how much room you have on your patio. Take multiple measurements otherwise you may end up buying the wrong size.

Step 2 Create your board

After you've measured the patio, it's time to buy your tiles. In order to recreate the look and feel of a chess set you want to buy thirty two black tiles and thirty two white tiles. After you've brought your tiles home, it's time to lay them one by one. Ideally, you would start at the bottom left with a  black tile. Lay a white one then another black until you've laid eight tiles in all, side by side. Above this first row, repeat the process but start with the white and repeat the pattern. Do this until you have eight rows upward. You have now created a life size chess board on your patio. If you're not interested in laying the tile then, there are two other ways you can go about this. You can buy a jigsaw mat, or you can simply paint the board on to the patio. All you have to do is follow the same pattern and create the same board. It doesn't have to be paint either, it could also be chalk although this won't be as durable or aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3 Your Chess pieces

You have two options here. You can either buy your chess pieces from a specialty shop, or you can make them yourself from cut outs. Making them yourself does require a particularly artistic hand. If you're more interested in purchasing the actual chess pieces, you can purchase them online, visit a toy store, or buy them from a craft shop.

Step 5 Test it out

After you've created your board and have your pieces, (whether you purchased or created them) it's time to enjoy your set and impress your friends and neighbors. Having your own life sized chess set is sure to impress whoever you show it to.