How to Build a Children's Toy Box Shaped Like a Car or Truck

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What You'll Need
Wood glue
Hack saw
Tape measure
Paper and pencil
Padded sticky-back plastic

Besides creating a sense of satisfaction, building a children's toy box can also be a great project to undertake with a child. By following a few steps, you can make a toy box to fit the personality of the child it’s being built for.

Step 1 - Plan Design

To get the most out of a children’s toy box, it is best to use a design that will provide the most space for the toys. Using a car or truck design where one side of the vehicle acts as the base of the toy box will ensure that this will be the case. Also it will ensure that you use a straight line for the roof of the car will enable you to attach a lid. Begin by drawing your design on paper so that you have an idea of what the end result will look like. Use the tape measure to get an idea of the measurements that will suit the toy box and where you intend it to go.

Step 2 - Cut Wood

cutting plywood with a circular saw

Choose a wood that is easy to deal with as well as durable enough to be used for a children’s toy box; plywood should be suitable and is cheap to purchase. Draw the side view shape of a car or truck onto the wood using a straightedge and a pencil. Due to the fact that one side of the vehicle will be symmetrical to the other, use one piece as a template to trace around for the second piece. Once these pieces are cut with a hacksaw, circular saw, or table saw, you will be in a position to cut the side pieces which will determine the overall height of the toy box. Cut pieces to fit on every edge of the car or truck design so that they fit inside the lip of the top piece of wood.

Step 3 - Begin Assembly

To assemble the children’s toy box, lay the base down flat before applying some wood glue to the border, and attach the pieces that will act as the sides of the toy box. Allow this to dry fully before turning the box over and securing the sides further by inserting screws at strategic points.

Step 4 - Attach Lid

attaching a hinge

Two hinges should be sufficient to attach a lid to your box with one at each side of the roof of the car or truck. Initially attach the hinges to the inner side of the lid before aligning the lid with the top edge of the box. Insert screws to attach it to the side of the toy box.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Stick some small strips of padding around the lip edge of the box to prevent the lid from banging closed. The children’s toy box is now ready to be painted, which is the ideal time to get the child involved so that they can add their own touch and create a design to be proud of. Once the paint has been applied and allowed to dry fully, protect the wood by applying a coat of varnish.