How to Build a Children's Toy Box with a Bench

What You'll Need
A pencil
A tape measure
Plywood sheet (1 inch thickness)
A hand saw
One inch screws
An electric drill or a screwdriver
Three door or safety hinges
Wood putty
A large cloth

A children's toy box is a useful way of storing items that can be found lying around a child's bedroom or around the home. A toy box does not need to have a single purpose and with a few small tweaks, you can create a unit big enough for a child to sit on as well. Building a children's toy box with a bench can be completed fairly easily.

Step One - Measure

Use a pencil and a tape measure to make markings on plywood sheet. Mark the section for the back piece as 40 inches by 24 inches and the front piece can be marked at 36 inches by 24 inches. The bottom piece should be 36 inches by 16 and a half inches, then, there should at two side pieces as 24 inches by 16 and a half inches. The top piece should measure 36 inches by 18 inches. These are practical measurement guides for a medium-sized box.

You can make a smaller or larger box, depending on your needs, but note that the back and side sections need to be higher than the front section.

Step Two - Cut Wood

Once you have made the measurements, use a small hand saw to cut out the wood. Lay the bottom piece down and lay the other pieces around it. Always remember to cut on the outer edge of your pencil markings. The excess can be sanded away afterwards.

Step Three - Assemble Box

Stand the front piece of plywood up against the long edge of the bottom piece. Attach it into place using one inch screws and a drill or large screwdriver. Get another person to help you or use wood clamps to hold the wood in place as you work if you are having any difficulties. Do the same with the back piece and the two side pieces. Do not remove any wood clamps until you have finished putting together all parts of the box, except for the lid.

Step Four - Attach Lid

Attach the lid so there will be a slight gap between the top of the two side pieces and the top of the lid. The raised sides will form modified armrests. Screw three large door or safety hinges onto the bottom of the lid and screw the other half of the hinge onto the back piece of plywood about half way up. The larger back piece should have now created a back rest. This should allow you to open and close the lid with ease. The raised side and back pieces should have now created a bench that a child will easily be able to sit on.

Step Five - Sand and Decorate

Use small amounts of wood putty to fill in any small holes or cracks you come across. Use a piece of high grain sandpaper to sand over the entire box to provide a clean finish. This will eliminate the risk of a child getting a splinter and it will also prepare the toy box to be painted. Wipe down the toy box with a large cloth to remove any wood and sand debris. Once the entire outer area of the toy box has been sanded, decorate it in a colorful theme that blends in with a child's bedroom.