How to Build a Child's Rocking Chair

What You'll Need
Plywood Boards
Flush-trimming bit
Cap nuts

A great way to make your child happy is to build him or her a child’s rocking chair. The chair would also be a great present for you as it will consume some of the child’s excess energy and give you extra time to relax. Here are the instructions on how to make the chair (the measures given below are optional):

 Step 1 - Cut the Plywood Boards

Purchase at least 6 plywood boards, 3/4-inch thick, from your local store. Cut 1 of the boards 18 1/2-inches long and 12 1/2-inches wide. You will need it for the chair seat. For the back, cut another board 15 3/8-inches by 24 1/8-inches. To give the chair stability, you will also need a supporting strut.

Step 2 - Make the Dados

To make the dados which will fit the chair parts together, you will need an interim jig. Take a board 18 inches by 8 inches and cut into three strips: 2 - 3 7/16 inches wide, and 1 - 7/8 inches wide. Cut 2 5/8 inches off both sides of the 7/8 inch strip. Create a square by gluing the two 2 5/8 inch pieces between the strips with width of 3 7/16 inches.

Step 3 – Measure and Mark the Reference Points

For the side panels, cut two boards 16 inches wide by 26 inches long. Take one of them and draw a reference line 15 inches away from the edge of the board and parallel to it. Place a mark on the reference line at about 1 inch from the top. Set a compass on this mark and draw a semi-circumference, 30 inches in radius. This will be the bottom part of the side panel.

The intersection of both, the reference line and the semi-circumference will be your reference mark. Mark a point at 2 inches to its right and 3 3/4 inches up—it will be the bottom left part of the strut dado. Starting again from reference mark, measure about 3 7/16 inches to the left and 5 inches up. This is point 1. From the reference mark, mark a point at 4 3/16 inches to the left; then, mark another one at 8 11/16 inches in upward direction—you have point 2. Point 3 is located 8 inches to the right of the reference mark and 8 8/16 inches up. Draw point 4 8 inches to the right and 9 5/16 inches up. Point 5 is at 4 5/16 inches and 9 7/16 inches to the left and up. Point 6 is at 5 1/8 inches and 13 1/4 inches while point 7 will be at 5 14/16 inches and 13 inches.  Your last point 8 stands at 4 3/16 inches and 4 14/16 inches, left and up. Connect the points and cut the dadoes.

Step 4 – Assemble the Chair

Place the back of the chair in its dado on the side panel. Draw a line where it intersects with the seat. Rout along this line to ensure the seat and the back fit together tightly. Drill 2 holes in each side panel below the strut dado. Assemble the chair by fitting each of its parts in the respective dado. Then place two threaded rods in each pair of holes and tighten with cap nuts. Now, you have a child’s rocker with a solid wooden construction.