How to Build a Circular Brick Patio Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Circular Aluminum Base

If you want to create an interesting and original feature for your garden, you might consider installing a circular brick patio fire pit. These are designed to be used as barbecues, for warming up seating areas, and also for providing and interesting and attractive feature for your patio. Creating a patio fire pit in your garden can be a lot of work, but the rewards make the effort worthwhile. You will need to consider the design and location of the pit before you start working on the project.

Step 1 - Design and Position

The first things to consider in the construction of the patio fire pit is its position. A fire pit needs to be placed well away from the home, plants and other flammables. You should also follow any building code legislation which sets out limits for fire pits. You can then start on the design. A circular patio fire pit will need to be built so that the square bricks take on a circular shape. Plan this out in pencil before you make any final decisions. You should also measure the area where you want the patio fire pit to go, and mark out the area on the ground.

Step 2 - Construct the Base

If you are placing the fire pit directly onto solid concrete, then you will not have to create a base, but for most patio slabs, and any other kind of surface, you will need to have a circular metal base, which will prevent fire from damaging the patio. This should be the size of your fire pit plus the edges of the bricks. Fire pit bases can be purchased at building supply stores, although you may have to pay extra to get it cut to the right size. Place a layer of sand where the base will go, and then push the metal sheet onto this. The sand should extend past the metal to provide a surface for your bricks.

Step 3 - Add The Bricks

Place the first bricks around the edge of the aluminum base, forming a tight circle. Add a layer of mortar, and then press a second layer of bricks above the first. This second layer should be staggered so that there are no places where the mortar could crack straight down. You can then add further layers until you have built a high enough pit for your needs.

Step 4 - Finish the Fire Pit

To finish the fire pit, you will need to add some firewood to the middle of the brick circle. These pieces of firewood should not be higher than the tops of the brick. You should then add a grate or mesh circle to the top of the firewood. This can be nailed over the top of the bricks using a hammer. You can then add a grate above this to allow your patio fire pit to double as a barbecue.