How to Build a Closet Organizer for Maximum Storage Space

What You'll Need
Stud finder
1 by 16 lumber
1 1/8-inch nails
Nail gun
Tape measure
Carpenter square
1 by 4 lumber
Closet rods
2-inch nails
Chop saw
Nail hose

A closet organizer would allow you to have your things organized inside your closet thereby saving a lot of uncluttered space for storage. It would also be easier for you to find things inside with an organizer. Take your time in creating a plan and make your organizer more durable by putting anchor shelving on studs. If you make it securely, you do not have to fix your closet after a time. To avoid damaging power connections or your plumbing, mark the studs out before driving in any nails. To secure a material on a stud, use nails that are 2 inches in length. For shelving purposes, 1 1/8 nails would do. The tools that are needed are among those that are usually found on a home tool kit but if you do not have a particular tool, you can easily purchase one from a local home improvement or hardware store.

Step 1 – Taking Measurements

Choose the closet that you want to be more organized and make the measurements on the sections that you want to construct. Decide on the type of construction that you like. You can do shoe organizers, shelves, drawers or double rods for your closet.

Step 2 – Getting your Closet Organizer Materials

The closet organizer materials that you will need can easily be found in your local hardware or home improvement store. The kind of materials that you will need would depend on the design that you are going to make.

Step 3 – Marking the Closet Area

Create the layout of the closet organizer that you wanted to make. Use a stud finder to find all the studs and mark them with the use of a pencil. This would mean that you will have to draw lines that are level on the heights that you want. In addition, you should install a 1 x 4 lumber as a support for your shelving.

Step 4 – Nailing the Lumbers

To make your closet organizer shelves, cut your 1 x 16 lumber according to the length that is specified on your design and measurements. Find the areas that you have marked out on the wall and secure the 1 x 4 support studs on them with nails. Get the 1 x 16 lumber you have cut to specified lengths earlier and secure them on the 1 x 4 lumber with the use of nails.

Step 5 – Installing the Organizer Rods and Brackets

In installing the supporting brackets and closet rods, screw them on the shelving that you have nailed on the studs.

Step 6 – Installing Cup Holders for the Closet Rod

Cup holders for the closet rod should be located on the area you want and the closet rods cut according to the desired length. Put the closet rod on the cup holder and secure it with a single screw. Clean up the area and you are ready to organize your things inside your closet