How to Build a Collapsible Table

What You'll Need
Curved aluminum pipe
Circular saw
Electric screwdriver
Tape measure

A collapsible table has many uses for you as a homeowner or a renter. Having a collapsible table handy is definitely a welcomed addition to a home that has space concerns or for those that take pleasure in entertaining. A collapsible table is perfect for a poker night with the guys, an area to comfortably play games with the family or added space for those large holiday gatherings. You can purchase a collapsible table at any department store but making one yourself is a fun weekend project. The article that follows will show you how to make your own collapsible table in an uncomplicated way. They are especially a welcomed addition to any home that has issues with space.

Step 1 - Plan the Collapsible Table

You need to determine how large you want the table to be. Make it easy by making it a square because all sides are identical. The actual size of the table is up to you. Draw the collapsible table out on a piece of paper and settle on a size. Keep in mind that the table has to fit nicely anywhere in the home and it also has to be able to be stores somewhere. Once you have determined the size of the tabletop you can pick up a piece of plywood that will meet this size. You can also purchase two pieces of plywood that add up to the size you need. Also determine how tall you want the table to be and purchase curved pipe that is that length on each side of the bend.

Step 2 - Make the Tabletop

Take the measurement you determined in Step 1 and apply them to the piece of plywood. Carefully cut along the lines you made with the circular saw. Determine the center of the plywood and cut the large sheet in half. If you purchased two pieces of plywood you can skip this part of the step. Sand the cut edges of the wood and then stain it. Wait for the stain to dry before moving forward.

Step 3 - The Legs

Create 2 semi-circles from the curved pipe using the coupling brackets. In order for your table to be symmetrical these need to be identical. Drill holes in the semi-circles that are identical. Repeat for the 4 pipes that are the same length that will be at the top. Check to make sure the legs will fit inside the table when it is folded. Attach the legs with wingnuts so the legs will form right angles at the top of the table.

The 2 semi-circle pipes need to be coupled on both sides. Be sure the hinges lock when the table is opened and that the tabletop is actually flat and even. Make adjustments as needed.

You can now attach brackets over the semi-circles in order to affix them to each table half. Fold the table to ensure it collapses and everything is even.