How to Build a Concrete Paver Wall

Lead Image
  • 10-20 hours
  • Advanced
  • 3,000-9,000
What You'll Need
Concrete pavers
Mason's chisel
Wet saw
Rubber mallet
Garden hose
Safety goggles
Masonry construction adhesive
Crushed stone
Mud or rock

A well-constructed paver wall not only looks good, but can also prevent soil erosion. You can build a retaining wall with concrete pavers that will provide an attractive border between your garden and your lawn. Concrete pavers are inexpensive and available in many styles and colors. You can make your garden concrete wall following these steps:

Step 1 - Plan Your Wall

Measure the length and height of the future wall, including the foundation. Multiply the numbers to find the area in square inches. Measure the height and width of the paver you plan to use on its front side. Find the area of a single paver in square inches. Divide the area of the wall by the area of a single paver to get the number of pavers required.

Step 2 - Marking the Wall Location

Place one concrete paver at the starting location of the wall and the other at its end. Join them with a string. Add an extra inch to both sides of the paver and mark the path of the wall by running a garden hose along the path of wall.

Step 3 - Digging the Foundation

Dig a trench along the marking for the wall about six inches deep. Level it and compact it by packing with crushed stones and mud.

Step 4 - Filling the Foundation

Fill the trench for foundation with a 3-inch thick layer of crushed stones. Compact the stone layer.

Step 5 - Compacting and Leveling

Add larger stones in the foundation and compress it down. Fill the remaining space with crushed stones and compress them again. The pavers should sit half their thickness in the trench when you lay them over the stone layer.

Step 6 - Checking the Level

Place one paver stone into the trench at the end and check its level. Tap it with a rubber mallet to make it sit properly.

Step 7 - Laying the First Layer

Place the second paver stone adjacent to the first one in the trench. Put a level across both paver stones and check the level after tapping the second stone to make it level with the first one. Lay all other stones in the first layer by repeating the process and checking the level of all the pavers.

Step 8 - Filling the Trench

Fill the gaps between laid pavers and the trench edge with mud.

Step 9 - Laying Next Layer

Apply the adhesive on the surface of first layer of pavers and fill the gaps. Lay the second layer of concrete pavers over the top of first row. Cut the first paver in half with a mason’s saw. Space the pavers such that joints are staggered and do not overlap.

Step 10 - Laying the Rows of Pavers

Lay the rows of the pavers to build the wall up to the desired height. It should be a zigzag bead of pavers with adhesive on top of each layer of pavers to provide added strength to the wall. Use the string to align the pavers and a plumb to keep the wall vertical. The top of the wall should also be sealed with the adhesive to fill the joints.