How to Build a Corner Desk

What You'll Need
Used large corner cabinet or shelving unit.
Electric Screwdriver
Electric Drill
Sliding keyboard drawer purchased to fit your cabinet.
Small circular saw

There are many ways to build a corner desk as these useful pieces can be made of virtually any material and can be made to disassemble in minutes if necessary. Recycled, reclaimed or up-cycled materials are very popular materials for corner desks. Up-cycling is a term used by crafters and DIY enthusiasts to describe converting an item to be used as something slightly or even totally different. Follow the steps below to use up-cycled materials to make a corner desk suitable for any gamer or home office.

Step 1 – Find the Perfect Large Corner Cabinet or Shelving Unit

Large corner cabinets or shelving units can be found at used furniture stores, antique stores, and even online local bulletin boards. These cabinets were generally used as corner bakers racks or curio cabinets.

The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for a used corner cabinet is your computer size. Ideally, at least for this project, the computer tower will be housed in the bottom portion or closed cabinet area of the corner cabinet and the monitor will set either on the first or second level of the cabinet depending on the height of the office chair and height of the shelves.

Step 2 – Prepare the Cabinet for Up-Cycling

The first step to up-cycling and preparing the cabinet is to tentatively fit and mark where everything will be. Slide the monitor and tower into place. Shelves should not need to be adjusted since ideally measuring would have been done prior to purchasing the cabinet. Use a carpentry pencil or marker to mark the areas for wire hole drilling. You will need to make sure that the areas are big enough for all cords, wires, and cables to fit through easily. If you will be wiring speakers, modem, or other device from another shelf in the unit mark holes for those cords on that shelf as well.

Step 3 – Install the Keyboard Drawer and Cord Holes

Using your screwdriver and hammer install the per-purchased keyboard drawer according to the instructions by the manufacturer. With the drawer in place and properly installed it's time to drill the cord holes. You may need a small circular saw or cutting device for this portion depending on how large the holes are that you need to drill.

Step 4 – Install Your Computer

With the keyboard drawer and cord holes in place it's time to install the computer. Place the tower in the bottom area of the cabinet and attach your cords. Run the cords as needed through the drilled holes. With everything in place turn your computer on and test all of your attached devices. For an added touch you may want to attach your grounded power strip to the side or back of the cabinet for ease of use and availability in case of a storm or electrical issue.