How to Build a Corner Loft Bed

What You'll Need
At least 3 1 by 6s
At least 7 2 by 4s
Wood screws
Stud finder
2 bolts

A loft bed helps you to create more storage space in your room and provides you an elevated sleeping platform. There are a few complicated details in building a loft bed. However, you can build it in a single afternoon by following the 12 steps described below in the article. You could do with some help, so call a friend to help you.

Step 1 – Decide a Location

Decide on the location for your bed. The corner that you decide upon should be clear 8 feet in a direction and 4 feet in another.

Step 2 – Mark Studs

You need to find 3 studs in each of the walls to affix the bed. Use the stud finder to locate the studs and mark the studs clearly so that you can see them easily. Once you are done building the bed, you can re-paint over them.

Step 3 – Determine the Height

Determine the height of the bed that you want. At this level, mark a line around the corner. Make sure that the line is flat/horizontal. You can use the level to check if the line is horizontal.

Step 4 – Build the Frame

Measure the size of the mattress that you want to use for the bed and use the 2 by 4s to make the frame for the corresponding size. Use the screws to secure the 2 by 4s at the corners to form a box frame.

Step 5 – Strengthen the Corners

Cut some small triangles from the 1 by 6s. Fix them at the undersides of the 2 by 4s at the corners to strengthen them.

Step 6 – Hold the Mattress

Now, place some 1 by 6s on the bed frame’s underside. These will be the struts to prevent the mattress from getting displaced.

Step 7 – Build the Ladder

Build the ladder which will stand at bed’s free corner to support it. Measure 2 legs to match the bed height minus 15/4 inches and minus 9/2 inches, respectively.

Step 8 – Ladder Rungs

Build ladder rungs, using 2 by 4s, and attach them to the ladder’s struts. To do so, drill screws into the 2 by 4s making wider, flatter and securer rungs.

Step 9 – Secure the Bed against the Wall

Now secure the bed against the wall. Take help of another person, asking him to support the bed frame. Align the frame along the line which you marked in Step 3.

Step 10 – Fix the Studs

Fix the frame to studs through screws. Make sure that the other person supports the frame while you move from corner to corner to fix the studs.

Step 11 – Place the Ladder

Now, attach the ladder. To do so, place the ladder such that the shorter end is placed under the 1 by 6 strut.

Step 12 – Secure the Ladder

Though the bed will be self-supporting now, ask your partner to continue supporting the bed. Now, climb the ladder and drill 2 bolts through the ladder struts into the bed frame. 

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the extra storage space in your room. In addition, whenever you will sit or lie down on the loft bed, you will feel proud for having built this yourself.