How to Build a Corner Shower Shelf

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What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Tile saw

A corner shower shelf not only looks elegant, but it is also extremely useful. Although numerous shower shelves can be bought, building a unit on your own allows you to customize it to suit your needs. Shelves vary in shapes, sizes, and types. You should match the design of your bathroom.

Step1 - Choose a Suitable Tile

To make your shelf look elegant, choose a tile that suits the overall theme of your bathroom. Consider different designs to invoke your creativity, but the main objective of the tile should be to complement the rest of the bathroom.

Step 2 - Determine Size and Shape of the Shelf

After selecting the tile, identify the exact corner of the shower where it would be most suitable to install the shelf. Measure the space so that you do not making an oversized shelf that leaves your bathroom looking crowded. Personal needs should be kept in mind, and the size of the shelf should be decided with respect to the number of essentials that you will place on it.

Step 3 - Cut a Cardboard Template

After deciding the shape of the shelf, draw it on cardboard and cut it to make a template that will serve as a benchmark when working with the tile. Shelves may have to be adjusted against curvy walls or abrupt corners. This template will aid in accommodating these factors.

Step 4 - Cut the Tile

After ensuring that the template fits in the corner and will accommodate your needs, you can use it to cut the tile. Place the template across the tile and use a tile saw to cut the tile along the template’s boundaries.

Step 5 - Install the Tile into the Wall

Use the measurements to judge the height to which you would like the shelf to be. Ensure that the shelf is neither too high nor too low. An ideal height for a shelf is slightly below the waistline. After determining the height, use adhesive to stick the shelf to the wall.

When installing a shelf in a tiled bathroom, cut the tiles at the desired location to make space for the shelf. If you are tiling the entire bathroom, then you can proceed sequentially from the floor to place tiles. As you reach the desired location of the shelf, use glue to place the shelf. Then proceed in a similar manner to tile the rest of the wall.

Step 6 - Grout the Shelf and the Tile

Proceeding systematically from tile to tile, grout the wall to cement the shelf firmly into place. The key to an excellent result lies in this step. With a good grouting job, you may well achieve the results of a professional. Neatly finish your project by removing excess grout.