How to Build a Corner TV Cabinet Part 1

What You'll Need
3/4 -inch plywood or lumber
Kraft paper
Wood glue
1x6-inch lumber boards
Wood screws
Circular saw
Timber stain or paint
Nail gun
Door knob
Drawer pulls

A super-sized and heavy corner TV cabinet may have been the trend when CRT TVs were popular, but newer flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs are replacing heavy CRTs. If you are looking for a way to organize your living room or dining room space and accommodate a thinner set, follow the simple steps below for a fun and rewarding woodworking project.

Step 1. Plan a Design

The design will depend on the size of the TV. Figure out how wide you want the cabinet to be. You may also want to add additional shelves, cabinet drawers and doors. Additional shelves and drawers can be added for CD collections, DVD player, remote controls and cord storages, and many more.

Step 2. Make a Scale Model

Before cutting out the plywood, make a scale model by cutting pieces of kraft paper and taping them to the walls to get a good idea of the best dimensions that will work for the space.

Step 3. Measure and Cut the Plywood

Based on the dimensions of the paper design, cut out the top and bottom parts of the stand. Start by getting a square piece of plywood. The length of the sides of the square plywood will depend on the desired width of the cabinet. To get the length of the square, square the width and divide it by two, then get the square root. For example, if you want a cabinet with a width of 50 inches: square 50 to get 2,500; divide it by two to get 1,250; the square root is 35 inches rounded off. Draw a diagonal line down the center of the plywood sheet, and cut it using a circular saw.

Step 4. Cut Additional Shelves

Additional shelves can be made by cutting more boards similar in dimension to the top and bottom of the corner TV cabinet. At least one additional shelf should be made in order to allow the cabinet to accommodate the TV. More shelves can be added for DVD players and CD storage.

Step 5. Square Off the Triangular Pieces

When all triangular pieces of the cabinet are cut, square off the back parts slightly in order to give room for cords.

Step 6. Cut Cabinet Support Boards

The 1x6-inch lumber boards are to be cut to the desired overall height of the cabinet. Two lumber boards will serve as support for the front sides, and two will serve as support for the back sides.

Step 67. Sand the Wooden Pieces

Using a sander, sand the rough edges of the wooden pieces before proceeding to assembling the cabinet. This will ensure a much professional finish to the wood project.

In Part 2, learn how to put together the cut and sanded wooden pieces to make a corner TV cabinet. For a mobile corner TV cabinet, check out Part 3 to learn how to add a set of wheels.