How to Build a Countertop Base

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What You'll Need
Particle board or melamine
Concrete mix
PVC pipe
Electrical tape

When it comes to DIY projects and home renovations few projects are as popular as making changes to your countertop. This article will cover how to make and build your very own countertop base. That way you can save yourself some money by making it yourself, rather than having to buy it at a hardware or counter store.

Step 1 - Form the Mold

The first thing you're going to do when building a counter top base is to create the mold. This is where you're going to use you melamine or particle board. Make sure to cover the bare sides of the wood with electrical tape. You do this because you don't want any of the wood to get into the concrete mix while it's wet. If any of this wood gets into the concrete while it's wet, it will dry into the concrete and destroy any hint of a professional look. Melamine is also perfect for this because it has a plastic coating on it that allows you to peel it off of the concrete after it dries without causing any chips. Build your mold in the shape that you want your counter top base to be in using the melamine and PVC pipes. This is going to serve as your support during the creation process.

Step 2 - Consider the Sink

Next you're going to want to make a place holder for the sink. This is where your Styrofoam comes into play. Use the Styrofoam in the form of a place holder to make your sink opening. This also going to allow you to install your sink without either the concrete or the sink itself cracking or splintering.

Step 3 - Mix the Layer for Your Base

This is where you use your quick dry cement. Using a wheelbarrow you want to add water as you mix your solution by hand. Once you've mixed it to your ideal consistency roll your wheelbarrow to where you built your base. Now shovel your mixture into the base.

Step 4 - Refine the Mixture

While your mixture is drying you're going to want to refine it's edges with a trowel. This is important because when you add your counter top you're going to want this base to be flush and level. If it's not it could cause severe damage to your countertop and lead to further problems down the line such as splinter cracks which can lead to an eventual snap down the line that would cause your whole counter to fall apart.

Step 5 - Take Measurements

If you've built a base for your countertop than chances are you're interested in installing a counter top. Taking the measurements of the base is going to allow you to know exactly how long and wide you're going to want your counter top.