How to Build a Crab Pot

What You'll Need
20 feet 18 gauge chicken wire
12 feet 11 gauge galvanized wire
Galvanized crab pot staples
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Hog ring fastening tool
Bungee cord

If you want to catch fresh crabs you’ll need to have a crab pot. You can buy them, but it’s much more satisfying to build your own. It’s not difficult to build a crab pot, and there’s nothing to compare with the taste of truly fresh crab that you’ve caught yourself.

Step 1 - Wire Cutting

Start with the chicken wire. Cut a piece that’s 20 meshes long. Now count along 6 meshes in the cut piece and fold the wire so it stands up. From the other end of the piece of chicken wire, count in 6 meshes and fold the piece so you now have a U shape. Cut another piece of chicken wire to the same 20 meshes and repeat on that piece so you have 2 pieces of chicken wire in a U shape.

Step 2 - Parlor

To form the parlor of the crab pot, which is the area that will hold the crab, cut a piece of wire 11 meshes long. Bend it in the middle to form a "V" shape. However, the base of the "V" shouldn’t be pointed; instead it should be about 2 inches wide and flat. Cut a pair on holes in this flat area, each 4 meshes long by 2 inches wide.

Step 3 - Entrance Tunnel

To form the entrance tunnel of the crab pot, cut chicken wire that’s 2 meshes long. Trim to it’s 10 meshes long at the top and 12 meshes long at the bottom, in a triangle shape. Make into a cylinder and put together with crab pot staples. Do the same with a second piece.

Step 4 - Assembly

Using crab pot stales, attach one of the U shape pieces to the parlor. Have the top end of both pieces facing up, with the parlor inside the "U" shape. Now attach the other U shape on top to form a cube and attach with crab pot staples. Leave one seam unstapled to allow removal of the crabs.

To attach the entrance tunnels, cut 2 holes, in the cube, each equal to the larger end of the entrance tunnel. Attach the tunnels to the crab pot with staples. The small end of the tunnel should extend inside the crab pot. They need to bed below the top of the parlor.

Step 5 - Door

For the door of the crab pot use galvanized wire on the unfinished top edge of the crab pot. Attach it with staples. Fasten the door with a small piece of bungee cord to prevent crabs escaping.

Step 6 - Catching Crabs

You’ll need to have the crab pot on a rope so you can lower and raise it in the water. When going crabbing, use old raw meat, such as a turkey leg, as bait. Place in the pot and lower the pot into the water until it rests on the bottom. Leave for about 10 minutes and pull up to see if you’ve caught any crabs.