How to Build a Cradle for Your Baby Nursery

What You'll Need
Pen and paper
Tracing paper
1/4 inch hardboard
Board cutter
Wood cutter
Solid wood panels

One of the things that your infant needs in his baby nursery is a cradle. If you go to stores, you will be surprised at how much these little things are worth. Making your own would be a great way to save money and at the same time, ensure the safety of your child. To ensure that you build a safe and durable baby cradle, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 - Create a Full-scale Drawing of the Components 

On a large tracing paper, draw the full-scale versions of the cradle components according to the measurements you need. Cut the tracing paper according to size. Apply glue on one side and attach onto a 1/4-inch hardboard. Be sure to smoothen any warps or wrinkles. 

Use a sharp cutter to cut through the paper and hardboard. These would be the templates to be used for the cradle. 

Step 2 - Trace the Templates onto the Wood

Put the templates on top of the solid wood panels. Trace each shape of the template. Use a pencil to do this. The marked cut lines would your guide when you cut the solid wood panels. See to it that you align the templates with wood grain. 

Step 3 - Cut and Curve the Wood According to Shape

Follow the marked lines for cutting the wood. Be careful when cutting along the carved parts. 

Step 4 - Install All Pieces Together

The first things you need to attach would be the wooden strips that would serve as a support for the bottom part. Attach these to the bottom parts of the headboard, sides, and footboard. Glue it first before securing with screws. Then attach the side panels to the headboard and footboard. Apply glue before before screwing the parts together to secure. Attach the cradle bottom onto the wooden strips and then insert screws again to support the cradle fully. The last part that you will install would be the rockers which will go under the cradle. Be sure to screw all the parts snugly. 

Step 5 - Glue Wooden Plugs

Insert a wooden plug in each screw hole. Tap the plug lightly to cover the screw hole properly. 

Step 6 - Paint the Cradle

Once the cradle is all done, you can now start painting it. Apply a primer first then work on to coat it with paint. Paint the cradle in a well ventilated area, ideally outside the house. Let the paint dry completely before bringing the cradle back into the home. 

If you have modern decor inside the nursery, use clean cut patterns and contemporary colors for the sheets. 

Step 7 - Test its Safety

Put the cradle under a test. Put a heavy object on the cradle and see if it can accommodate the weight. The object should be much heavier than your baby. If the cradle can support that heavy object then it can also carry your child's weight.