How to Build a Custom Pet Window Seat

What You'll Need
Window Seat Design Pattern
Sewing Pins
Foam Padding for Cushioning
Sewing Machine
2x4 Wood Boards
Wood Screws

If you have a pet who likes to watch the world outside, build a custom window seat just for him. This type of seat is especially ideal for a cat or dog who spends most of the time inside or who lives in a cold climate. To begin this project, purchase a window seat from a pet store or follow these tips for making your own. You will need to buy some items including fabric, cushion material or batting in order to make the seat. You will also need basic sewing skills to complete the construction of your custom pet window seat.

Step 1: Acquire Materials for Custom Window Seat

Go to a craft or sewing store and purchase the fabric and materials that you will need. You should also purchase needles and thread if you do not already have these supplies to do some hand stitching. If possible, purchase a window seat design pattern from the store. Look for one that has has an easy-to-moderate skill level so that you will not have to invest much time making the seat.

When you buy fabric for the cover, consider material that will not only be comfortable for your pet, but will also not show much of the hair and fur he sheds.

Step 2: Cut the Cushion and Fabric

Measure the window area where you will put the seat. Cut the foam and the fabric to size using cutting shears or scissors. Cut the fabric a size larger than the cushion in order to form a pocket in which you will stuff the cushions. Follow the pattern for cutting out the fabric, pinning the fabric to the pattern when you complete the cutout.

Step 3: Sew the Fabric

Use a sewing machine and follow the instructions included in the pattern to make the seat cushions. Sew the 2 pieces of fabric together, and turn the pocket inside out. Place the cushion piece inside to complete construction of your window seat. Sew the end together and complete the seat cushion be adding 2 or 3 buttons in the middle of the cushion. You will need to add these by hand using a sewing needle and thread.

Step 4: Build a Window Frame

If your window is not wide enough to place a cushion in, you will need to build a frame using 2x4 wood boards. Create a box frame to accommodate the size of the cushion. Use a drill to place holes at the ends of the wood and attach the corners using wood screws. Secure the frame into the window frame also using wood screws. 

Step 5: Place Custom Window Seat into Window

Fit the custom made window seat into the window area where your pet will be sitting. If your measurements were correct, you will have created a comfortable seating area for your pet and a way for your animal to view the room.