How to Build a Daybed

What You'll Need
Mortising machine
Bed Rail clips
Lag bolts
Wooden fiber board or plywood
Wood adhesive
Wood polish

A daybed is the perfect solution for afternoon naps, and if you have guests over, it can also double-up as a bed for your guest. There are many daybeds available in the market; however, buying them can be expensive. Hence, it is best to simply build one for your home. Daybeds are most commonly made of wood or metal. Given below are simple step-by-step instructions for building a wooden daybed. 

Note: The dimensions of the fiberboard/plywood will depend on the size of the daybed. 

Step 1 – Design

Before you start making your daybed, it is a good idea to do a bit of preliminary planning to ensure that you have all the materials at hand before you actually start the work. Although the size of your daybed is entirely up to you, keep in mind that most shops sell mattresses in standard sizes. If you are planning on using one of these mattresses, do ensure that your daybed is of the right dimensions. If you don’t want to let the mattress size dictate the dimensions of your daybed, then you will either have to get a custom mattress made or make your own mattress by cutting a piece of foam. 

Step 2 – The Rails

The first step is to make the outer rails of your bed. Cut two long pieces of fiberboard/plywood for the longitudinal rails and two shorter ones for the transverse rails. You can join these rails in a number of ways. The more traditional method is to use a mortising machine to cut a mortise and tenon, fit these two pieces together, and join them with a screw or wood adhesive. The advantage of taking the traditional route is that your bed will be stronger and more durable. However, if you are not so experienced in woodwork, you can use bed rail clips. These metal clips are screwed onto the bed rails and are then inserted into each other just like a mortise and tenon arrangement. 

Step 3 – Strength Members

Now that the basic outline of your bed is ready, you have to devote some thought into making it stronger. One or two fiber boards/plywood sheets fitted transversely to the two longitudinal rails will not only provide additional strength to your bed, but will also provide support for the platform board. Use lag bolts to fit the transverse strength members in to place. 

Step 4 – Fit the Platform Board

Your mattress will rest on top of a single piece of fiberboard/plywood sheet that is called the platform. This platform can simply be fitted a top the transverse strength members. 

Step 5 – Polish

After your daybed is ready, check to see that the mattress fits properly and that all the parts fit together securely. Once this is done, apply a coat of wood polish (or paint) and allow it to dry. Use as many coats as you need. Now all you need to do is fit the mattress on and you are ready to lounge on your own custom made daybed.