How to Build a Door for Your Metal Shed

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  • 4-8 hours
  • 100-350
What You'll Need
Sheets of corrugated aluminum
Wooden ripple boards (2)
2x4-inch boards (7)
3-inch metal screws
1-inch metal screws
Power screwdriver or drill
Door Hinges
1 hasp
Regular saw
Door set

It is easy to build a door for your metal shed. Follow the simple steps below to complete this project in an afternoon.

Step 1 - Taking Measurements

Measure the length and width of the space where you want to install the door. Once you have the dimensions of the opening, decide what kind of material you want to use to make your door. Buy your supplies.

Step 2- Check, Recheck and Cut

Before you make cuts, make sure that you have taken the right measurements as inaccuracies can waste wood, money and time. Use a saw to cut the wood according to your requirements.

Step 3 - Assemble the Material

Lay 2 boards on the ground in a rectangular position, and sandwich them between the 2 wooden ripple boards. One ripple board should be at the top and the other at the bottom of the other 2 boards. Place the corrugated aluminum sheet on top of the ripple board at the top of all the other boards. Use a 1-inch metal screw to attach the aluminum sheet to the ripple board.

Place a 2x4-inch short board over the corrugated aluminum sheet. At equal intervals, use 3-inch metal screws to attach it to the aluminum and the ripple board. Repeat the screwing procedure for top and bottom, but do not screw the long screws over the shorter ones.

Again place the aluminum sheet, and screw it using 1-inch metal screws. Next place the other boards properly over the aluminum sheet and screw them at even intervals using the 3-inch metal screws. Do this for top and bottom.

Step 4 - Turn Over

Flip the door over to the other side and diagonally position the longest board on it. Screw it on one corner and then on the opposite corner, using the 3-inch or longer screws. This will be the inner side of your door.

Flip the door again. Wherever the diagonal piece meets the aluminum, screw it down with short screws.

Step 5 - Install

Fit the hinges on one side and install the hasp on the opposite side of the door. You are now ready to install your door for your metal shed.