How to Build a Floor Magazine Rack

Building a floor magazine rack is a fairly straightforward job for anyone who enjoys a bit of basic carpentry every now and again. With the right tools and materials, it is something that can easily be done in an afternoon. A magazine rack is a very easy and practical way to keep a room tidy by storing any magazines and newspapers that would otherwise be lying on the floor or on a table. Before you begin, choose an appropriate type of timber. Pine is one of the best as it is relatively easy to work with and it looks good too.

Tools and Materials

  • Graph paper and pen
  • Pine wood
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws or nails
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain

Step 1 – Plan the Furniture

Before you start any furniture building project, you should have a detailed plan drawn to scale so that you know exactly how much material you need and how you need to cut it. When you have planned out the magazine rack, you will be able to buy the materials required for the size you are making. The furniture will be assembled by glue and wood screws for extra stability. Normally, a magazine rack measures 12x14 inches. This is the size of the back of the magazine rack explained in the steps below.

Step 2 – Cut the Parts

Cut two ½-inch thick section of pine to the right width and length, 12x14 inches as described above. This will form the back of the magazine rack. Cut four more pieces of wood from the pine sheet which measure 2x12 inches. These parts will form the frame of the rack. Cut two sections of pine to measure 4x2x8 inches. These will form the side bars of the rack. For the bottom slats of the rack, cut 6 8 inch lengths of wood. Finally, cut four short wooden legs for the rack of whichever size you prefer.

Step 3 – Assemble the Pieces

Lay out the sections that you have cut on a level surface. Start with the first section that you cut out; the back piece of the rack. Apply glue to the edges of the wood and attach the four 12-inch frame pieces of the rack. These pieces should be perpendicular to the pine board at the back of the magazine rack. Reinforce these connections with wood screws or nails connecting the frame through the back of the board.

The two 4x2x8-inch side pieces will then need to be attached to the frame and glued onto it. Again, use wood screws to secure the connection. The 2-inch side of the pieces should be flat against the rack’s bottom.  Finally, attach the remaining 12x14-inch sheet of pine to the other side of the rack. Nail the slats onto the bottom of the rack and finally, attach the legs to the bottom corner of the rack.

Step 4 – Finishing Up

Finally, sand down any rough edges of the wood left over from cutting and treat the wood with a wood stain of your choice.