How to Build a Folding Step Stool

What You'll Need
Wood saw
1/3-inch drill bit
Oak wood (or any other type of wood)

A folding step stool makes the interior practicality of a home complete. There are times we need an extra height to get something from the upper storage; change a bulb, or complete the painting of a wall. Already manufactured folding step stools are available in the market, but building one is very easy. A folding step stool is more or less like a chair but with a step. Let’s look at how to build a folding step stool.

Step 1- Preliminary Design

First of all, the height of the folding step stool has to be determined:.What the stool will be used for must be considered. Folding step stools can be built out of any wood. For a perfect job that doesn’t require any kind of polishing or final finishing work then an oak wood would be a great idea. Make a freehand drawing of the folding step stool.

Step 2: Detailed Design

At this stage, detailed drawing with pencil and ruler is required. A detail drawing is one drawn to scale with dimensions. Detail drawing eliminates guess work and guarantees a perfect job.

Step 3- Mark and Cut

Mark out the various pieces of woods that make up the folding step stool with a pencil. Remember,   folding step stool is like a chair with four legs. The only difference is that the four legs can be folded up for easy mobility and to save space.

Step 4 - The Seat

With the wood saw cut the 1-inch thick board to the appropriate length and width according to the drawing to make the seat.

Step 5 - Steps

Cut a similar board to form the step. Although this one should be of reduced dimension so as to enable it fit in between the two long legs.

Step 6 -The First Pair of Legs

The first pair of legs would have the seat nailed on top of its. The step will be in-between the two legs and permanently nailed in the horizontal position. The front view of the legs must have parallel geometry so as to enable the seat to rest on the two slanting tops.

Step 7 -The Second Pair of Legs

The second pair of legs will also have parallel geometry, although this pair must be designed and cut in such the way that the tail-end of the second pair encapsulates the first pair of legs at the point close to the seat.

Step 8- Spine and Stopper

Locate the center of the point of contact and drill right through for the spine to pass through. The spine is simple a rod that makes the folding of the step stool possible. The spine should be long enough to come out from both sides of the stool. The protruding ends can either be attached with a wood/rubber stopper or bend to hold the two pairs of legs together.

While constructing a folding step stool, one has to divide the work into two parts. The first is the construction of a pair of legs that would have the seat, and step(s). The second is the other pair, constructed differently, with a machined semi-circle end to provide the area of contact with the first pair close to the seat.