How to Build a Football Helmet Display Case

What You'll Need
Wood board
Sandpaper (High grit)
Routing tool
Wood stain
Glass cutter
Emery cloth
Holding sealant
Holding clamps
Glass polish
Safety gloves and goggles

A football helmet display case is a great way to display an item you are particularly proud or fond of. The good news is that they are not difficult to make and by following a few simple instructions, you will be presenting your prized helmets in no time at all. Have a go at making a cost-effective alternative instead of buying a display case from a sports store.

Step 1 - Make the Board

Get your hands on a large, 1 inch thick piece of wood board. Measure out a surface area of around 1 foot by 1 foot using a ruler and a pencil. Include an excess of 1 inch along all sides. Use a handsaw to carefully cut out your square shape. Take a piece of high grit sandpaper and remove any sharp edges. Also, use the sandpaper to create a slight slope inwards on the outer edges. This is to increase visual presentation but is not fundamentally necessary in the process.

Step 2 - Groove and Stain

Use a routing tool with a small head piece to create a small groove around the pencil marks of your original markings. Gently push the head piece into the wood and use the ruler to help keep the lines straight. Clear away any wood debris and stain the wood board with a high quality wood stain. Apply an even layer with a small paintbrush. Leave it to dry.

Step 3 - Cut Glass

Take a large piece of plexiglass. You will need to cut 5 pieces from it. Use a ruler to make 5 sections of 1 foot by 1 foot squares on the plexiglass. These are only guide measurements. If you want more space around the football helmet, compensate for this when you make your markings. Use a glass cutter to create score lines on the plexiglass. You will be able to snap the glass with your hands or fingers. Use a piece of emery cloth to smooth out the edges of each piece of glass.

Step 4 - Assemble the Glass

Start by apply a long layer of holding sealant across one edge of a piece of glass. Gently attach another piece of glass by pressing it against the sealant or glue. Use holding clamps as you work as these will keep the plastic squares in place while you allow the sealant to dry. Carry on attaching the pieces of glass together and use the holding clamps until you have a box with no lid. Apply sealant all around the top edges of the open box and lay the final piece over the top. Use a cloth to rub away any areas of excess sealant. Allow to dry.

Step 5 - Finish

Finish by gently lifting your plexiglass display case and fitting it into the grooves on the wood board. You can seal this plexiglass onto the board but this will mean your football helmet will be encased permanently. Take a small amount of glass polish and rub each side of the plexiglass display for a brand new finish.