How to Build a Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper roll on wooden freestanding holder
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-100
What You'll Need
1-inch thick piece of wood board
1/2 -inch diameter dowel rod
Electric drill with 1/2 -inch spade drill bit
Wood glue
Sandpaper or disc sander
Paint, primer or wood oil

A freestanding toilet paper holder is an alternative to a traditional wall-mounted style. Because it stands on its own, it does not require a wall nearby and can be moved to any desired location. There are many commercially available models, but you can craft your own using materials found at any craft or DIY store. This is a very simple job even for those with no experience in carpentry or crafts.

Cutting the Base Disc

The diameter of the base disc should increase proportionately with the length of the dowel rod. If you just want the toilet paper holder to keep five or six rolls of paper then the diameter of the base disc should be around five inches. The longer the dowel is, the larger the base disc will have to be. Add another inch to the base disc for every four inches the dowel is long. Use the compass to draw a perfect circle on the wood board, and then use the saw to cut it out.

Alternatively, you can cut the base in another shape of your choosing, like a triangle or freeform shape. Just make sure the toilet paper holder will be stable enough using that base. Sand off the edges using your disc sander, but do not sand the edges at the bottom.

Attaching the Dowel

Use a measuring device to find and mark the exact center on the wooden base. Use the electric drill equipped with the ½-inch spade bit to cut a hole in the base disc. Go about halfway of the thickness of the base disc, you do not want to go all the way and come out the other side. Place the wooden dowel in the newly created hole and hold it in place using wood glue. Let the wood glue dry completely before proceeding to the next step of finishing your toilet paper holder.

Priming and Painting

Use fine-grain sandpaper to smooth out all the surfaces of your toilet paper holder, including the wooden dowel. Clean off the sawdust using a wet rag and let the wood dry. If you are working with wood that has a rough grain, you can use wood putty to cover the rough areas and smooth them out before painting. Apply primer in an even coating both on the base disc and on the dowel.

After the primer has completely dried, apply the paint color of your choosing to all surfaces. If you are working with wood that looks good naturally like cherry or maple, you can use wood oil instead of primer and paint. This will protect the wood from moisture and provide a nice finishing look to the wood grain. Your toilet paper holder is now complete. Make sure you let the oil or paint dry completely before use.