How to Build a Front Door Roof

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What You'll Need
2 X 4 inch plywood
Drip edge
Asphalt roof shingles
Concrete mixture
Felt paper
Galvanized roof nails
Galvanized framing nails
Anchor plate

By building a front door roof, you can protect your front door from the extremities of the weather as well as prolong the life of your front door. Apart from protecting the door from the harshness of the weather, it can also be built to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Step 1 - Fix the Base

Attach the plywood board to the exterior side of the front door where you need the roof. The board should be placed ½ foot to 1 foot above the trim of the door. It should also extend 1 to 2 feet beyond the sides of the door. Check the level of the board to ensure it is flat as otherwise, it can allow the roof to tilt on one of the sides.

Step 2 - Make a Triangle Frame

Add two more plywood bars from the two sides of the already fixed board so that you get an equilateral triangle frame. Fix these boards with galvanized framing nails and then cut the end of these boards so that you end up with neat non-overlapping triangles.

Step 3 - Make a Roof Frame

Make two more triangular frames and keep them ready after leveling. Cut three pieces of board for a length of the roof you wish to add to the front door. Connect these two triangular frames with the three longboard pieces you have.

Step 4 - Lift the Roof Frame

Check the level of the roof frame by placing it on the flat ground and then lift the entire unit to the triangular wooden frame fixed on the wall. Keep it in position with temporary braces. Make holes that are 2 feet deep at the two corners of the roof frame. Fill at least ½ foot with a concrete mixture and then place the anchor bolt and fill the hole completely with concrete mixture. The bolts should be aligned in such a way that they are level with the wooden frame.

Step 5 - Fix the Roof Frame

Fix the roof frame to the anchor with the nails after checking their level. Add a few rafters on the sides of the frame and facia to the wooden frame.

Step 6 - Place the Roof

Take the roof plywood and place it on the roof frame and check if the board is extending at least 1 inch beyond the front and sides of the roof frame. If they are perfect, attach the roof to the frame. Now fix the drip edge and felt paper on the top of the roof board. Add shingles so that it matches the front door and also add siding to the front end of the triangular frame in a color that matches the color of the rest of the house. If you cannot find a matching siding, paint it after you attach it to the frame.