How to Build a Gable Roof Carport

What You'll Need
Standard studs
Measuring tape
Carpenter's plane
Standard rafters
Ridge board
Wood bracers
Waterproofing materials
Drafting tools
Cylindrical concrete forms
Post hole digger
Post lumber

A gable roof carport is a great addition to any home that does not have an attached garage. Building a carport with a gable roof is important because it will prevent water and snow from pooling as it would with a flat roof. The gable roof is also easier to build and to install. This is a perfect project for someone with a budding interest in construction, but isn't ready to take on something more complex like a room addition. If you have minimal construction knowledge and some simple tools you can build a gable roof yourself.

Step 1 - Planning

Determine how large the carport is or how large it is going to be. You can measure the site with a tape measure. You will need to determine the length and the width of the carport. The gable roof will be the same size. You can, if you like, have the edges of the gable roof hanging over the roof frame. Be as accurate as you can with your measurements. You will also need to know the height of the carport and cut the post lumber to that height.

Step 2 - The Posts

Use the post hole digger to create four holes with one at each corner. Mix the concrete according to the package and fill the hole 75-percent of the way. Insert the post and fill the hole with gravel to create a strong bond. Do this with all four posts. Make sure the posts are plumb.

Step 3 - Frame

The frame consists of four pieces of lumber that match up with the length and the width of the carport. Nail them to the posts using metal brackets for extra stability. Line the edge up with the top of the post and attach it to the outside of the posts.

Step 4 - Rafters

The rafters are determined by the width of the gable roof as well as the angle. Mark off notches that you will cut so the rafters will fit along the frame.

Step 5 - Ridge Board

The ridge board sits horizontally at the top of the roof. Mark each rafter position onto the ridge board.

Step 6 - Assembling the Gable Roof Carport

In order to create a proper gable roof you'll need to place the rafters in the frame. To keep the gable roof carport stable it's important to place one rafter at each end. Space the rafters apart evenly alternating from each end. Nail them in place and then attach the lumber that will support the roof. Use braces between the gable frame and nail in place.

Place the plywood on top of the angled supports. Use the nails to attach the plywood to the gable roof rafters. You can add the weatherproofing under the gable roof.

Finish the gable roof by affixing the shingles to the plywood by using roofing nails.