How to Build a Garage Storage Cabinet

What You'll Need
Nails or screws
Hammer or electric screwdriver
Protective glasses
Measuring tape
Pad and pen
Wood glue
Tack cloth

Your garage may wind up being one of the most disorganized areas of your home, which makes a garage storage cabinet an important item. If working with wood is something that you enjoy you can have fun building a simple garage storage cabinet. A simple garage storage cabinet can be made of either metal or wood, and have optional shelves. They are relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to build. The following information will guide you in building a garage storage cabinet.

Step 1 - Size It

Determine the size of the finished garage storage cabinet. Keep in mind what you plan on storing in it. You may need other types of hardware to place inside the garage storage cabinet, depending on what you want inside it. The dimensions you will work with are the height, depth and width. These measurements will determine the size of the top and bottom, as well as the door. The width and depth will determine the top and bottom, while the height and width will decide the size of the door