How to Build a Garden Trellis from a Lattice

What You'll Need
Two2 by 2 inch posts (6 feet in length)
One 2 by 2 lumber piece (3 feet long)
Drill and bits
1 inch wood screws
2, 1 by 1 inch strips of wood (5 feet in length)
2, 1 by 1 inch strips of wood (3 feet long)
Post hole diggers or shovel
Concrete mix and water
Wheelbarrow or large mixing container
Measuring tape
Fine gravel
Paint and painting tools

A garden trellis is used to encourage the growth of sprawling vines and flowers and is a great place for a bench seat or other outdoor seating area. The trellis will allows vines and flowers to grow and crawl up the openings and climb to a height that makes the arrangement very noticeable in your garden. Lattice panels are a great material choice for a lattice wall as they already have openings in panel that allow the vines to weave in and out and naturally create interesting designs. Building a trellis from lattice panels is a great DIY project and can be completed in an afternoon. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Create Frame

Build the frame for trellis by screwing the 2 three foor pieces of 2 by 2 inch wood to the 5 foot pieces of 2 by 2 wood. Create measurements on the 5 foot pieces of wood and then screw the first 3 foot piece of wood so that it is about 4 inches up from the bottom. Then, measure and screw the second piece of 3 foot by 2 by 2 inch wood so that it is about 2 inches from the top. Make sure that the corners are square.

Step 2 - Build Inside Lattice Panel Support

Place a piece of the 3 foot 1 by 1 inch wood strip on the inside of the frame. Then, screw the piece of strip into place so that the edges are flush with the 2 by 2 pieces of wood. Continue placing 1 by 1 inch wood strips on the inside edge of the frame and screwing them into place. When you are finished, you should have installed the 2, 3 foot pieces as well as both 5 foot pieces.

Step 3 - Insert Lattice Panel

Place the lattice panel into the frame so that it is sitting on top of and is supported by the 1 by 1 inch wood strips. Make sure the lattice panel is square and the fit is snug and secure.

Step 4 - Install Outside Lattice Panel Support

Just as you did with the interior edge wood strips, begin screwing into place the 1 by 1 inch wood strips on the outer edge of the frame. This will lock the lattice panel into the frame.

Step 5 - Dig Post Holes

Use the post hole diggers to dig holes for the trellis that are spaced at same width as the posts on your trellis frame. Dig the holes so that they are about 4 inches deep. This will allow the trellis to sit on the ground.

Step 6 - Mix Concrete

Follow the directions on the bag of concrete mix and mix the cement.

Step 7 - Insert the Trellis

Place the trellis into the two holes that you dug in the ground.

Step 8 - Support Trellis and Pour Concrete

Place gravel around the post in the post hole. Then, pour the concrete mix into the hole while making sure the trellis is straight and upright. When you finish, take a couple of large rocks or boulders and place them against the post so the trellis will move.

Step 9 - Paint the Trellis

Once the trellis is dry, paint the trellis with the finish of your choice.