How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Concrete Blocks
Copper Pipes
Copper Joints
Steel Grate
Wire Cutters
Concrete Float

One of the great additions to a backyard patio is a gas fire pit. This type of fire pit is very easy to clean and has a brighter, more consistent flame. Many homeowner like to have the gas fire pit situated in the center of a patio for entertaining at night, being able to sit around a fire on chilly nights, or to add some character to their backyard. The gas fire pit is a relatively easy project in steps, but does involve some labor.

Step 1: Determine Location for Gas Fire Pit

Before you can build the gas fire pit, you should mark its location. The gas fire pit should be fairly close to your patio, or outdoor deck, but 20 feet away from any building. Also, keep in mind that you do not want to put the fire pit under any trees, near bushes or near other overhanging vegetation. If putting it in the center of a patio, the center will need to be dug out and a trench made for the gas pipes and water runoff.

Step 2: Mark Ground For Gas Fire Pit

Once you have determined the position for the gas fire pit, then use some spray paint and mark the outline of the walls. The walls should be at least 12 inches thick and contain an inner and outer wall.

Step 3: Dig Walls

With the marks on the ground, you will now be able to shovel out the inner and outer walls. Start with the inner wall section and dig down 5 inches. Then go to the outer wall and do the same.

Step 4: Mix and Spread Concrete

After the sections for the two walls have been dug to 5 inches, you will now fill them with concrete. Mix the concrete according to the directions and pour into the wall outlines. Fill the spaces up even with the top soil. Bend some rebar to the shape that the walls are dug out to. Press the rebar into the concrete. Smooth out the surface with a flat concrete float.

Step 5: Determine Gas Line Size

In order to have a gas fire pit you will need to run gas line out to the location and through the concrete wall. Call the gas company to find out the size of pipe that you need so you can drill the appropriate hole.

Step 6: Start Building Walls

You should let the concrete dry for at least 24 hours before doing any more work to the gas fire pit. When it dries, lay a thin layer of mortar along the outer wall. This is where the face bricks will go. Begin laying the first row. Keep a level with you to make sure that each brick is going to be level. Apply mortar between joints for stronger wall. Continue building wall to the desired height.

Step 7: Lay Fire Bricks

On the inside of the outer wall, start laying the fire bricks. Place mortar to the bottom and rear of the brick. Lay it down on the inner wall and press up against the outer wall. Keep the bricks level and continue to build this inner wall.

Step 8: Install Gas Pipes

Once the bricks are completed, drill a hole through the wall and install the gas pipes. Attach a lighter on the end and have the gas company complete the hook up.