How to Build a Golf Ball Display Case

What You'll Need
wooden boards
wood glue
marking utensil

If you are a golf fan who is fond of your collection, you might love the idea of having a golf ball display case. Rather than taking the risk of losing your logo balls in the woods, you may build a personalized display case. This woodworking project may be completed with relative ease. Just equip yourself with the needed materials, and following the guide below, you will have a nice rectangular case that displays every precious golf ball on a separate shelf.

 Step 1–Trim the Boards

Start with trimming the boards to the desired size. Two wooden boards, measured three feet each, will make the sides of the display case. Two other boards will be positioned at the top and bottom of your case. These boards need to be 5 inches wide by 1 ½ feet long. In addition, you need five smaller boards for the shelves of the display case. These boards have to be 3 inches wide and 1 ½ feet long. Sand each wooden piece after you cut it.

Step 2–Mark and Create Indentations

Measure and place a mark at the center of all shelf boards. The marks will help you position the golf ball indentations. These are the places where your favorite balls will rest. Take the chisel and remove dime-size chunks at the points you marked. Make the indentations a quarter of an inch deep and sand them down to give a smooth and finished look.

Step 3–Secure the Board Shelves

Position one side piece on its flat larger side and mark 7 inches from the board top. Mark the entire board surface at 7-inch intervals and repeat the process for the other board. You will nail the board shelves at these points. Line up the first shelf piece with the first mark, applying glue over it. Repeat this process for all marks and let the glue dry. Nail the glued pieces to the side board. Position the display case so that the shelves point straight up. Turn to the other side board and line the shelf pieces with the marks. Secure nails though the side pieces into all shelf pieces.

Take one 1½-foot board and place it on top of the side pieces. You need to position it just above the first shelf and secure it with nails to the tops of the side boards. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom board.

Step 4–Sand Edges

You need to sand the edges of the top, bottom and side pieces in order to create a finished look. You may paint or stain the wood if you want to add a more personalized touch.

Step 5–Secure the Ready Display Case

It is time to secure your new golf ball display case to a wall of your choice. Use two nails for each side of the display case. Position the golf balls in the indentations, with their labels or insignias on top. You may now relax and enjoy the fruit of your efforts.