How to Build a Height Adjustable Work Table

What You'll Need
Wood or metal of different lengths

Many people interested in design and home improvement are keen on installing an adjustable work table which can be moved around as you need different sizes. This adjustable work table can be built out of metal or woods, but should not be made from granite, as this can be damaging. Building an adjustable work table can seem like a daunting prospect at first, since the prospect of cutting different lengths of wood or metal can be very difficult, and putting it all together can be very awkward. Fitting a kitchen work table can be time consuming, and fitting all of the pieces together can take a lot of skill, but there is no need to despair and ask for help from a builder. Rather than being intimidated by this challenge, view it as an opportunity to lean interesting things. Getting this job done doesn’t need the assistance of a professional if you have some basic home improvement skills. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines to get the job done quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Assemble the Pieces

The first step is to assemble the pieces of your adjustable work table. You will need to have a large flat surface, preferably already cut into a suitable shape, and then several attachable flaps and supporting wood brackets. If you have not had it cut into sufficient sizes, then you will need a saw to take more off the side, although this is really a task for a professional. You will also need two other large pieces of wood which will support the stone. Make sure that they are of suitable wood, without the risk of buckling under the strain.

Step 2 – Fit the Brackets

Next you will have to install brackets to support your work table. These should be super-strong, and you may need to fit plastic anchors to hold the screws for the brackets in place, but this is not necessary if you feel confident that the brackets can hold tightly onto the walls.

Step 3 – Fit the Work Tables

Once that is completed, you will have to screw the wooden support parts onto the wall. Attach them to two of the lower brackets, and screw hinges to both brackets and wood supports to hold them more tightly together. You can now fit the granite top. You may need a friend to help you lift the top up to the supports, and balance it while you screw the first part onto the brackets. Don’t tighten until all of the screws are in place, and then go around and tighten after, in order to prevent the first screw from being put too tight, and moving the granite top out of alignment. Fit your work tables so that the supporting leg swings out to the side, and the flap can be pulled out.

Step 4 – Finishing

Before you finish the project you will have to screw the sliding top to the hinge on the inside. Take the time to screw this down tightly, and the supports and the table should hold each other up.