How to Build a Hipped Roof Dormer

What You'll Need
Home building plans
Roof cutting tools
Materials to build additions on to the existing wall, including plaster and stud beams
Dormer materials
Window materials, including frame, siding, and the window itself
Roof materials (felt paper, flashing, shingles)
Roof sealant
Basic tool set
Interior materials (drywall, insulation)

A roof dormer is a popular addition to slanted roofs. Dormers are breaks in the slope of the roof, and structural fixtures that stick out from the roof space. These fixtures are oftentimes added in order to fit in chimneys or windows. A hipped roof dormer is one of the most popular types of dormers.  It has a 3 sided roof, the panels sloping to meet at the top. Read on for a brief guide on how to construct a hipped roof dormer in your home.

Step 1 -- Design the Dormer

The first thing that you need to do is to design the dormer. Work with building plans for your home, to design a dormer that will be structurally sound and also visually appealing. Many people find that it's helpful to hire a contractor or a designer, to help ensure that the plans they have for a hipped roof dormer are appropriate for the building.

Step 2 -- Cut the Hole

You need to begin the process of installing the dormer by cutting out the hole from the roof. Begin by removing the shingles and other layers of the roof, as well as any gutters or other materials that may be in the area. Ensuring your safety, cut out the outside area of the roof that will be replaced by the dormer. If you cut too far, you can replace the roof area later on.

Step 3 -- Build Up the Wall

If you've lined up the dormer with an interior wall, and if you wish to install a window, you now need to build up the interior wall so that it meets the level of the window. Install additional stud beams as necessary, and build the frame of the wall. You can finish the interior portion of the wall with drywall and plaster after the dormer is installed.

Step 4 -- Construct the Dormer

Construct the dormer according to your designs. If it includes a window, build the frame of the window first. Make sure that the siding matches the remainder of your home, so that the appearance is seamless. Install the window into the frame as you complete the construction of the dormer space.

Step 5 -- Fill in the Roof

Next, rebuild the roof around the dormer. You'll also need to add roofing to the dormer itself. Lay felt down on the roof and cover it with flashing and shingles, then use roof sealant to ensure that the roof will protect the inside of your home from weather.

Step 6 -- Finish the Interior

Complete the drywall process for the interior, around the dormer and window. Make sure to install insulation in any areas in which you added wall space to prevent heat loss and damage.