How to Build a Hoop Frame Greenhouse

What You'll Need
18' PVC Pipe
Plastic Sheet
Staple Gun
Hack Saw

Building your own hoop frame greenhouse is easy and will help grow more of your favorite vegetables all year round. Be sure to have the right tools and materials available to make the job as easy as possible.

Step 1 - Putting the Stakes in the Ground

First you should start by hammering the stakes into the ground by using your mallet. These stakes will be used to support the hoops which will eventually be used to make your greenhouse. A stake needs to be put in each corner, and you should also place another stake in the middle of each side.

Step 2 - Cutting the PVC Tube

Next you need to cut the plastic tubing into 6 foot sections. For a 6 foot long greenhouse you will need three of these sections. You can increase the number of hoops if you want a longer greenhouse.

Step 3 - Creating the Hoops

Once the PVC tubing has been cut, you should put one end over one of the stakes which is in the ground. Then arch and bend the tubing so that it reaches the other stake on the other side. Slip it over the other stake and this should keep it firmly in place.

You need to repeat this with the other pieces of Tubing, you should have 3 hoops over the bed once you have finished. Of course if you are designing a bigger greenhouse then you will have more hoops to support the plastic.

The 6' tubing lengths will create an arch which is 2 1/2' high, if you want higher or smaller arches then you can adjust this to suit.

Step 4 - Covering the Hoops

Most people will choose to cover the hoops in plastic; this is an ideal material for the winter, fall and spring months. However you do need to be careful when using this in very hot countries or during the summer because it can sometimes get too hot for your plants.

Simply place the plastic sheeting over the hoops and then use your scissors to cut it to the right size. Make sure that you leave some extra material both sides so that you will be able to secure the plastic to the hoops securely.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Place bricks around the bottom of the plastic to avoid it from blowing away with the wind. You could also use more stakes or simply piling the soil up around the plastic to keep it in place.

You now just have to plant some plants in your greenhouse and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. This is a very simple greenhouse design and will need to be used with care. Once you have the hang of constructing greenhouses you may like to add a door so that you can enter easier.