How to Build a Kentucky Fence

What You'll Need
Hand or circular saw
Tamping rod
Post hole diggers (or hole auger)
Large spool of string or twine
Measuring tape
Stakes or other ground markers
Hammer and nails
Treated Lumber and fence posts
Stain or paint and painting tools (optional but recommended)
Concrete mix and gravel

A Kentucky fence is a common name for fences used on ranches or along pastures or hay fields. A Kentucky fence is also commonly referred to as a wooden horse fence or a paddock fence. They are rustic and give a sense of country or Western charm to any landscape or home. Building your own Kentucky fence is not as difficult as you may think, and is an excellent DIY project. Depending on the size of the area to be fenced, the job may be completed in a day or over several weekends. However, regardless of how big an area you want to fence in, this simple how-to article will show you everything you need to know to build your own Kentucky fence.

Step 1- Measure and Mark the Line for the Kentucky Fence

Begin by marking the area that will be fenced in with your new Kentucky fence. Use the string and measuring tape to lay out the fence line and place stakes or ground markers in the locations where you want the posts to be inserted. Depending on the length of lumber you will be using as rails, you will need to make sure that the posts are located at appropriate intervals. For instance, if you will be using 8-foot pieces of lumber as rails, you want to make sure that the posts are located 8 feet apart so the planks can be attached to the post.

Step 2 - Dig Post Holes for the Fence

Use the post hole diggers or hole auger to dig the holes for your posts. When digging the holes, make sure that the holes are at least 24 inches deep to provide adequate support for your fence.

Step 3 - Mix Concrete

Follow the directions on the bag of concrete mix and mix it in your wheelbarrow with a shovel. Then, push the wheelbarrow to the location of your first post hole.

Step 4 - Insert Fence Posts

Begin inserting the fence posts into the holes you dug with the post hole diggers.

Step 5 - Secure Fence Posts

After you finish placing all of the posts in the holes, you can begin securing the posts. Insert gravel at the bottom of the hole and use it to help stand the fence post upright. Then pour concrete into the hole to secure it. However, before the concrete begins to set, make sure to use your level to make sure that the fence post is straight up and down and at a true 90 degree angle. Allow the concrete to completely dry before continuing.

Step 6 - Attach Fence Rails

Measure up from the ground about 6 to 8 inches and nail your first rail to the first fence post. Then, nail the rail to the second fence post. Then place your second and third rails at equal intervals so that they appear uniform on your Kentucky fence. Continue placing and nailing rails until you have finished constructing your fence.

Step 7 - Make Post Tops Even

Take a saw and cut the top of the first fence post to an appropriate height. Then, take a roll of string or twine and pull it across the tops of the other fence posts. This will help you create an imaginary cutting line you can use to make the tops of the fence posts even. Simply use your saw to cut off the tops of the posts so that they appear uniform in height.

Step 8 - Paint or Stain Fence

Paint or stain the fence with the finish of your choice.