How to Build a Kitchen Cupboard

A kitchen cupboard.

The kitchen cupboard in your home is a very important part of the kitchen. It provides the space needed for all of your dishes and glasses, as well as provides you with an organized way to work in your kitchen. Building your own kitchen cupboard is not as hard as you might think. With the proper tools and materials, you can build a lovely free-standing kitchen cupboard with extra storage space.

Step 1 - Measure the Available Space

Before you begin this project, measure the area where you will be placing your kitchen cupboard. The free-standing unit will need enough space to accommodate the frame as well as the door when it is opened. Choose a spot that will give you easy access to the items in the cupboard, without cluttering your kitchen. Many people choose to place an additional cupboard outside the kitchen itself. If you have a small breakfast room or nook, this is another place you could consider placing the cupboard. Cupboards in this area are great for storing dishes and allowing you more room in the actual kitchen cupboards for food and other staples.

Step 2 - Buy the Materials

Once you have taken the measurements, you are ready to buy your kitchen cupboard kit. These kits can be found at most hardware stores and vary in price. If you don’t like any of the kits available, you can get a list of all the supplies you need at any chain hardware store. The kit is by far the easiest option, however.

Choose a style and color that fits in with the décor of your kitchen. You can find the kits in a wide variety of styles and options, so you don’t need to worry about a new cupboard becoming an eyesore.

Step 3 - Check All of the Materials

When you are building anything from these kits, it is important that you make sure you have all of the materials before you start. There is usually a checklist included in the kit to make sure that you have all the necessary parts. It’s much easier to realize before you start that you are missing parts, then discovering it in the middle of the project.

Step 4 - Get Help

You will probably be able to assemble the kitchen cupboard on your own, but it is best to have some help to be sure that you can hold the cupboard up while putting in the screws. Having an extra set of hands can be quite helpful.

Step 5 - Paint the Kitchen Cupboard

Painting the kitchen cupboard is one way to make sure that it fits in with the décor of the room.

Having an extra kitchen cupboard in your room will provide you with additional storage space for all of the tools and items that you need in the kitchen.