How to Build a Lean-to Carport

What You'll Need
Support posts
Header posts
Joist hangers
Front and end beams
Front and side braces
Roof of choice

A carport is a very important part of your home. This is where you keep your car and shield it from the elements, such as rain, snow and the hot sun. You have a choice on the type of carport to put up. Many times however the choice is limited by lack of available space. Due to this constraint, lean-to carports have become the facility of choice for many homeowners. Lean-to carports lean on one side of the existing building and attach to it so that the two structures look like part of the same building. A lean-to carport is also quite a simple addition to make to your home. All you need are a few tools and the right instructions.

Step 1- Support Headers

The first thing to do is to install support headers on the existing building. The header should be straight and level from one end to the other. Use a plumb line to determine the location of the support posts.

Step 2 – Insert Posts

After identifying the location of the support posts, dig the holes in those locations. Make sure the posts are plumb before inserting them into the holes. Insert the posts into the prepared holes. Use braces to support the posts. After the posts are firmly in place, install two end boards. These boards will form part of the outside rafters. Use the boards to determine the height of the outer roof.  The height should be clearly marked on the end posts.

Step 3 –Support Beams

Use two front beams to support the rafters. Use one of the front beams to connect one of the marked posts to the other post. The boards at the end should always be plumb. Then connect the joist hangers with the support beams. This will enable the rafters to be in place.

Step 4 – Cut Support Headers

Use a saw to cut the rafters to the proper size. Also, make sure to match the angle of the building end with that of the support header. Cut the support header at the opposite end at the same angle and attach it to the joist hangers. Use braces to attach the top of the metal end to the ends of the rafters. Reinforce support by use of a header on the inside part of the structure.

Step 5 – Nail Roofing Material

Install blockers between the rafters. Use a hammer to nail the roofing material into the blockers. After nailing the material onto the blocker, install outer fascia to the ends of the rafters.

Step 6 – Install the Front Braces

Make sure the braces tilt to 45 degrees on all sides. Attach the braces to the posts and connect them with the outer part of the header. Add trims to create uniformity with the existing building. After this, fasten your preferred roofing material.  Stand back and admire the new addition to your home.