How to Build a Linen Storage Cabinet

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  • 3-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1000-2500
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
1/2-inch wood trim
1/4-inch bit
Wood glue

A linen storage cabinet can be essential to keeping towels and sheets not only organized but also accessible. The linen cabinet will also allow you to store your linens in an area other than the bathroom so you can free up space. In building your own cabinet as described below, you'll use cedar because it keeps linens fresh and protects against moths.

Step 1 - Determine the Size of Your Linen Storage Cabinet

A linen storage cabinet is a tall box with a door and at least one shelf, but you can have as many shelves as you like. Decide how large you want your linen storage cabinet to be. The measurements you need to determine will include the following:




With these dimensions you can determine how large the door, back, top and bottom will be. The height and width determine the size of the door. The depth and width determine the measurements for the top and bottom. Then the width and depth, minus the total thickness of wood on the sides, determines the size of the shelves.

Step 2 - Cut Out and Sand the Pieces

Use the numbers you generated in Step 1 to mark outlines on the wood. After you finish drawing the pieces on the wood, you can begin to cut them out.

When you finish cutting, you can sand the cut edges and use a tack cloth to wipe them down. To install the shelves, you will create four risers out of the trim by cutting it to the same width as the sides, minus twice the thickness of the wood. Remember, the shelves are the size of the depth and width of the linen storage cabinet, minus twice the thickness of the wood for both the width and depth.

When you finish cutting, you'll have the following pieces:

Two sides

One or more shelves





Four shelf risers

Step 3 - Finish the Wood

You can now apply your preferred finish (stain, paint and so forth) to the wood. Allow your finish to dry completely before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - Assemble the Linen Storage Cabinet

Place the back on your work surface and apply a line of wood glue along the long edges; place the sides flush against them and nail them in place. Use your tape measure and divide the linen storage cabinet into three equal sections; make a mark at the two central positions. Apply wood glue along the length of the trim and place it on the center lines on each side. Add a few nails to further secure it to the sides. Place glue along the edges of the top and bottom. Position those pieces in place; then add nails to secure them.

Step 5 - Install the Door and Insert the Shelves

Install the hinges 2 inches from the top and bottom of the door piece along the edge. Place the knob on the other side in the center, 1 inch in from the edge. Set the door on the front and secure the hinges to the side piece. Place the shelves inside the linen storage cabinet by setting them on top of the risers.

Now that you know how to build one, here is how to keep your linen cabinet smelling clean and fresh.