How to Build a Log Bedframe

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What You'll Need
Large logs
Small logs
1/4 inch thick planks
Electric sander
Wood glue
Boring drill bits
Measuring tape
Electric screwdriver
Wood screws
Chucking machine

Log furniture is a stylish alternative to the normal furniture you find at most department stores. If you want to create a rustic bedroom that seems more like a cabin getaway, you should consider building your own log furniture, like a bedframe. While purchasing one of these frames is expensive, building your own is affordable and easy with a few tools and supplies.

Step 1 — Selecting Your Wood

You will need to select large and small logs that are nearly the same length. The large pieces need to be 6 inches in diameter, at most, but no less than 4 inches. Small logs need to be around 2 inches in diameter. Make sure the wood you choose is dried out, or else it will crack. If your wood is not already dry, you can dry it using a kiln.

Step 2 — Preparing

Peel the Log

Next, use the drawknife to remove the bark from the log. Brace the piece you are working with and pull the drawknife toward you. Use even pressure and the bark will peel off. You can peel the log entirely, or you can keep bark on the ends to create a natural look.

Sand the Log

When you peel logs, you may notice what people call a "planer's glaze." The pores of the wood close when they're cut. For indoor furniture, this is not a problem, but it will prevent you from being able to stain the wood. You can avoid this by sanding the log.

Create Tenon and Mortise Joints

Create tenon and mortise joints by drilling a hole through the middle of the log. Then, rotate the log around the saw to remove the edges. Use all proper safety precautions when using a saw. Then, use a chucking machine to make the logs uniform. Use a drill that allows you to use it at an angle to create the mortises.

Step 3 — Cutting the Rails

Cut the 4-inch logs to the length of the bed plus 2 1/2 inches on each side with a saw. You'll want four logs for the length of the frame and four for the width. Take the length minus 5 inches and divide it by 3. Make marks at these areas and then bore 1/2-inch holes.

Glue the Spindles

Place glue inside the holes and insert the spindles. When you're done, you will have two 4-inch diameter rails with three spindles per side.

Step 4 — Building the Bed

Determine where you want the rails to be positioned and bore two 4-inch diameter holes each 2 1/2 inches deep into the posts.

Place glue inside the holes and insert the rails. Then, connect the rails to the posts by boring holes into the posts.

You can create decorative patterns at the head and foot of the bed with the spindles. Hold the bed together further by using cables and eyes hooks, and drill pilot holes on the posts where the rails intersect. Then, add wood screws to ensure sturdiness.