How to Build a Log Dresser

log finish
  • 4-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
Wood ( e.g. cedar)
Measuring equipment
Sand paper
Paint or wood stain
Protective gear (e.g. gloves, overalls)

One method of getting functional and beautiful furniture in the bedroom includes adding a log dresser. It can be used to make the area more aesthetic depending on the color and quality of material used to build it. Natural material such as wood makes them quality pieces of décor. Making such furniture requires keen preparation and paying attention to details.

Step 1 - Assemble the Material

Start by shopping for logs such as cedar from hardware or furniture stores. Select the type of material to use depending on its quality and aesthetic nature. It provides an attractive finish. Buy nails, paint, or wood stain and plywood as well. The quantity of materials to get should be proportional to the size of the log dresser to be built.

It is possible to make an eight, six or four drawer dresser. Take this into account while shopping for materials to build the furniture. Choose to rent or borrow some tools such as saw or hammer if they are not available at home.

Step 2 - Take Measurements

Make a log dresser the size you want. The following measurements can be a guide when measuring the log.

4' Dresser 8 drawer 48'' × 42'' × 23'' (48 inches wide, 42 inches tall and 23 inches deep)

5' Dresser 6 drawer 60'' × 35'' × 23''

3' Dresser 4 drawer 36'' × 23'' ×43"

Add or remove inches to these measurements to get the exact size of a log dresser desired. Take the correct dimensions of the plywood as well.

For a four drawer furniture, measure out four sets of the material. Remember to measure the side panel from the log. In this case, make it four feet tall and 50 inches wide. Use these for the top, front, back, and the two sides.

Step 3 - Join the Pieces

applying wood glue

Start by piecing together the drawers. Use nails and adhesive glue to join the pieces at the edges. Use glue designed to work on wood surfaces. It secures the plywood, and a hammer can be used to fasten the pieces together. Place one of the log cuttings at the front and fix other drawers using the same procedure.

Use the log cuttings to make the exterior part of the dresser. Fix the back, top, and sides together using wood glue, and fasten the furniture using nails. Place small pieces of wood in the dresser so as to provide support for the drawers.

Slide the drawers in grooves found in the dresser to complete the furniture. Use sandpaper to remove any kind of unwanted spots or marks on the furniture.

Step 4 - Apply Paint or Wood Stain

Allow the furniture to dry. Leave it for a day for and then apply finishing material. If natural wood is used to build the log dresser, then wood stain provides a better finish than paint. Use a brush to apply the stain and make strokes by following the same direction. It makes natural grains on the wood look more attractive.