How to Build a Louvered Bifold Door

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • $50
What You'll Need
Circular Saw
Door Pulls
Sandpaper or Plane
Wood Stain
Paint Brush
Large Wood Clamp
Brad Nailer

Learn how to build a louvered bifold door efficiently and effectively. A louvered bifold door is a door that is typically constructed for closets. The doors feature shutters that are fixed horizontally throughout the door.

Purchase Materials for Making a Louvered Bifold Door

Before the construction of your louvered bifold door, purchase the tools and materials needed from a home improvement center or hardware store. The wood should be the proper thickness and quality. The sales associate at the retailer can assist you in selecting the proper type of wood needed in order to build the louvered bifold door. For the louvered blind blades, purchase the type that is pre-made. This will save you time and labor. Cutting and constructing your own louvered blind blades is difficult and time-consuming.

Dry Fit the Pieces

Use a large wood clamp to hold the pieces of your louvered door together as you dry-fit the pieces. The louvered blind blades should be placed inside two horizontal pieces of wood and two vertical pieces of wood. Repeat this process three more times to create four individual louvered doors. The size of the wood should be based on the overall size of your closet space divided by four.

Assemble the Individual Louvered Bifold Door Panels

Assemble the individual pieces of the louvered bifold door panels. Start by inserting the blades using a brad nailer in between the longer horizontal pieces of wood for the door frame. Place a vertical top and long piece on the door frame, using the brad nailer to secure the wood. Repeat this process for each of the louvered bifold door panels.

Attach two of the door panels together with a hinge. You may need to drill small pilot holes into the door frames in order to attach the hinges to the door panels. Attach hinges to the other two louvered door panels. The pieces of the louvered bifold door panels should bend or fold outward.

Attach a Door Pull to the Outside Bifold Panels

Attach a door pull or handle to the front of the outermost panel for the louvered door panels. This will allow you to open and close the louvered bifold doors. You will also need to attach a spindle that will set in the track of the closet door frame and pivot in a floor rest that allows you to open and close the louvered bifold doors. After the attachment of this hardware to the doors, you are ready to attach the doors to the closet frame.

Attach the Louvered Bifold Doors

Secure the doors to the track inside the closet frame. Test the doors by opening and closing them to make sure that they swing smoothly and freely.