How to Build a Metal Fire Pit Ring

What You'll Need
Metal barrel
Metal grinder
Spray paint
Tape measure
Drill bits

A metal fire pit ring will provide you safety when having outdoor functions like open-pit barbecues or bonfires. Other fire pits do not provide enough safety around the exterior of the fire pit as the interior is usually just dirt. After the fire pit is done being used, you can bury it and, in the case of a brick fire pit ring, you need to scoop it out, which can be difficult. A metal ring is easier to clean and not difficult to make.

Step 1 – Choose a Location

The location for the metal fire pit ring is important because the wrong location could spell disaster. Choose an area in your yard that is relatively flat. Make sure there are no branches that are hanging low over the area. There should be no buildings close by either.

Step 2 – Prepare the Location

Once you have picked a location, you can start to prepare it. Place the metal barrel you have chosen on the area, and then use the spray paint to trace the bottom. Remove the metal barrel.

Excavate the area using the shovel. During the process, remove all rocks and twigs that you may find. Decide how deep you want the metal fire pit ring to be, and use the tape measure to determine you hit that depth. Tamp down the ground and make sure that it is level. Pour in the gravel and then spread it out evenly.

Step 3 – Prepare the Metal Barrel

The metal barrel is going to become the metal fire pit ring but not in its current condition. Use the metal grinder to remove the bottom of the barrel so you have a large ring. Measure the depth of the hole you dug, and then transfer those measurements to the barrel minus an inch. Use the grinder to cut the barrel all the way around. You can also use the grinder to smooth out the sharp edges. Vent holes are important so that heat does not remain trapped. Drill several holes through the cylinder. Place the cylinder in the hole.

Step 4 – Metal Bottom

To keep the fire pit tidy, create a removable metal bottom. Measure the width of the fire pit hole you dug. Use the grinder to cut the other half of the barrel down the length on both sides to have 2 halves. Pace the measurements on one half, and then cut that piece out. Fit it inside the hole. It if does not fit, you will then have to trim the piece down so that it does. Use the hammer to help bend the piece so that  it fits, but is still loose enough to be removed. Place it in the pit.