How to Build a Metal Garage

What You'll Need
A building permit
A metal garage kit
A drill
A wheelbarrow
A screwdriver
A ladder
Protective eye wear
Work gloves
Work boots

A metal garage is a good option for a place to securely store your vehicle and protect it from the elements. This storage structure can also house power tools and gardening items. Using a pre-fabricated kit can make this home improvement job a simple one.

Step 1 – Applying for Building Permits

Contact your local government office. Speak to a building inspection officer about your plans. Apply for the necessary permits to build your metal garage. This job will take at least a full day to complete.

Step 2 – Safety

Put on your protective eye wear, work gloves and work boots before you begin to work. You will need the help of at least one person. Be careful working with any power tools and maneuvering yourself up and down the ladder.

Step 3 – Determining a Location for the Garage

Determine the best place for situating your new garage. You will need an area of land that drains well and is level.

Step 4 – Laying the Foundation

You will need a concrete slab foundation for your garage. If this a job that will be difficult for you, contact a contractor to lay the concrete. If you choose to do the work yourself, you will need to lay the foundation two weeks before you begin to erect the garage. Build a frame for the concrete with the lumber and L brackets. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the concrete. Mix the concrete and pour it into the frame. Allow the concrete at least two days to cure completely.

Step 5 – Reading the Manufacturer Instructions

Be sure to read through all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer before you begin to work on the metal garage. Check to be sure that you have all of the parts that are supposed to be in the kit.

Step 6 – Separating the Parts

Separate all of the metal garage kit parts into the frame members, the sides, the roof, the doors and the hardware.

Step 7 – Assembling the Frame

Use you power drill, pliers and wrench to assemble the garage frame. Begin at one corner of the frame. Align the holes in the frame. Use the bolts to secure the frame parts together. Assemble the roof frame.

Step 8 – Attaching the Panels

Secure the panels to the frame. Position the each panel, one at a time. Secure the panels with screws.

Step 9 – Attaching the Roof Panels

Place the roof panels on the frame. Secure the roof panels with the screws. Install the roof cap along the middle seam of the roof. Secure the roof cap with screws.

Step 10 – Attaching the Doors

Use the necessary hardware to attach the metal doors to the garage. Be sure they fit properly and that they open and close securely. Attach any necessary handle hardware to the doors.