How to Build a Metal Gazebo

What You'll Need
Steel Tubing
Welding Equipment

A metal gazebo is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors in nice weather. It provides a great sheltered area to relax or to enjoy meals. It is possible to build your own metal gazebo though some experience in metal fabrication is best. There are also premade kits that just need to be assembled. To build your own, welding will be necessary.

Step 1 – Material

A metal gazebo is quite heavy and depending on the design, about ¼ of a mile of steel tubing will be used. The more intricate the design, the more tubing that is needed. Make sure the material is ordered well in advance. High quality welding wire is also recommended as this will produce the most support and keep everything together.

Step 2 – Frame

The frame will connect the dome roof to the top of the gazebo base. An octagonal frame will require 16 lengths of steel tubing that is cut to the desired length. Also determine the degrees needed in the angle of the frame. Clamp an iron segment to your welding table. Place the next tubing piece at the correct angle. Clamp and then tack weld the ends of the joint together. Make adjustments if necessary and then finish welding the joint. Do this until 4 joints have been made and weld the different sections together for an octagon shape. Build a second octagon in the same manner.

Step 3 – Spacers

The 2 octagonal pieces will be joined together using spacers that are normally about 5 inches long. These will be placed about 4 inches on each side of the corners and welded into place.

Step 4 – Base Panels

For an octagon there will be 6 base panels. The panels will be constructed of 2 lengths of vertical column, 2 cross member pieces and a wall all made of steel tubing. In order for the base to be square the pieces all need to be the same length so that they form squares. Clamp all the pieces together on one side and tack the joints. Recheck everything before using butt welding on the front and back of the joints. Grind flush the welded joints and file any edges if necessary.

Step 5 – Arches

In an octagon 8 arches will be made. The length of the arches will be longer than needed because bending them can cause distortion. Bend the steel tubing until it has a 22 inch arc radius. Once the steel is bent properly trim it to the correct length and weld the different arches into place.

Step 6 – Brackets

32 brackets will be needed to weld the columns to the frame and base. Spacers will be found between the bracket and the column. There should be 2 welds on each side of the individual brackets.

Step 7 – Frames

The frames for the scrollwork will need to be made. These are constructed of square tubing and will differ depending on where the decorative scrolling will go.

Step 8 – Scrolls

Sketch the scroll patterns out in full size on a piece of paper. Create the jigs that will be used to shape the scrolls into the shapes. These jigs are needed to bend the metal. When bending scrolls they will be hot so have the proper protective equipment. Once the scrolls are done weld them into place.

Step 9 – Attach Everything

Once all the different components are completed weld everything together. Track weld everything into place before doing the finishing welding as adjustments may need to be made.