How to Build a Multi-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Ceramic Bowls of 3 different sizes
Plastic tubing
Fountain kit (available from home or hardware stores)
Rubber gloves
Eye goggles

An outdoor water fountain adds beauty and elegance in any garden or outdoor setting. Although such water fountains are easily available in home and garden centers, building your own fountain will bring in a personal touch to your garden. A multi-tiered fountain can be built using a wide variety of materials and while several different styles do exist, it is best to stick to the easiest design when creating one. Therefore, the process underlined below is the simplest possible to build your own water fountain at home.

Step 1 – Drill Holes in Bowls

Choose bowls of three different sizes: large, medium and small. Hold the bowls upside down and then using a marker, mark the center of all the three bowls clearly. Drill holes in the bowls where the markings have been done. These holes shall essentially transfer the water between the three bowls.

Step 2 – Place Plastic Tubing and Fountain Kit in Bowls

Now that the holes have been drilled, the next step is to place the fountain kit and plastic tubes inside the bowls. Place the fountain kit in the largest bowl, and put it in such a way that it does not block the hole of the medium sized bowl. Next, place the plastic tubing on top of the pump of the fountain kit in the largest bowl. Insert the plastic tubing inside the holes of the medium and small sized bowls after the above has been completed.

Step 3 – Fill up Bowls with Rocks

To ensure that the plastic tubing maintains its position inside all three bowls, it must be provided with some form of support. Starting with the largest bowl first, begin putting in small quantities of both rocks and pebbles around the plastic tubing. Follow the same process for both the medium and small sized bowls. Make sure you only fill up the bowls halfway with the rocks, and also try to hide as much of the plastic tubing as you can.

Step 4 – Connect All Three Bowls

Now that all three bowls have plastic tubing as well as rocks around it to support the tubing, the next step is simply to connect all of these together. Place the medium sized bowl on top of the largest bowl, and join them together with the help of the plastic tubing. Then, place the smallest sized bowl on top of the medium sized, and again insert the tubing of the medium sized bowl into the hole drilled in the smallest one. Hence, they should be in this order starting from the bottom: large, medium and small.

Step 5 - Connect Fountain Kit to Power Supply

Add water into all three of the bowls starting from the top (the smallest bowl) so it flows downwards. The last step is to now connect the fountain kit to an electric socket. By this stage, your multi-tier fountain should be running smoothly.