How to Build a Pet Canopy Bed

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What You'll Need
Small camp cot, 2 feet by 3 feet
4 pole brackets, 3/8 inch diameter with perforations and key bolts
Soldering gun
Power drill and key bolts
4 aluminum retractable poles, 1/2 inch diameter
2 Retractable curtain rods, 1/2 inch diameter and 4 clip brackets
Cotton canvas, 3 feet 2 inches by 4 feet
Small soft cushions, 10 inches square

If your pet enjoys comfort and luxury, a pet canopy bed will be something they will appreciate. Itt will also reduce ambient light so your pet can get a more restful sleep whether outdoors or indoors. Follow these guidelines to build a pet canopy bed for your dog or cat that can be used all year round.

Step 1 - Attach the Pole Brackets to the Camp Cot

Heat a soldering gun and solder the outer edge of each pole bracket, opposite the perforation, to the feet of the camp cot.

Step 2 - Fix the Size of the Retractable Poles

Solder two poles at their intersection so they have a fixed height of 24 inches. Extend the other pair of poles out to their full height of 3 feet, and lock them in place with key bolts at the center.

Step 3 - Attach Curtain Rod Brackets

The canopy top will be supported horizontally by two curtain rods. Solder a curtain rod clip bracket to the top of each of the taller poles, so they face each other when the tall poles are in the pole brackets. Solder the other pair of curtain rod brackets to the tops of the rear poles in the same orientation as the front pair.

Step 4 - Insert the Vertical Support Poles into the Pole Brackets

Place the two tallest poles in the two front pole brackets. Place the 2 poles 24 inches high into the rear pole brackets. Secure each pole into its bracket with a key bolt through the bracket perforation. Twist the key bolts until just hand-tight, so you can disassemble the canopy quickly as needed.

Step 5 - Make the Canopy Top

Press down and sew a 1/2 inch hem all the way around the canvas fabric. Decide which end will be at the front of the canopy. Sew in a rod pocket 1 inch deep, at 4 inches above the front edge. Insert the curtain rod into the pocket. At the rear of the canopy, make a second rod pocket 3/4 inch in diameter at the hemmed edge. Place the second curtain rod inside it. Extend both curtain rods to clip them into the curtain rod brackets on the support poles.

Step 6 - Affix the Canopy Top to the Vertical Poles

Affix the curtain rod at the rear of the canopy into its two brackets. Pull the canopy forward and connect the front curtain rod to its brackets. The extra piece of fabric will hang forward to keep the sun out of your pet's eyes.

Encourage your dog or cat to sleep outside on the canopy bed on a warm, breezy day to get cool breezes under the elevated cot and rest on the soft cushions. This comfortable bed will prevent pressure sores your pet gets from resting on hard surfaces.